Including Authentic Artisan Items In Your Home Décor

Thursday, March 29, 2018

There are a few interesting trends in the world of home décor worth exploring. First, is the use of incorporating artisan items into home design. The second part of this trend is shopping artisan retailers that engage in fair trade practices.

Thanks to sites that let you send money to Guatemala and other artisan havens around the world, you can even pay people directly for their work. This ensures that not only you’re getting something one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted, but that you’re paying a fair price for the amount of work that went into creating it.

The following are some things to keep in mind and tips if you want to integrate authentic artisan items into your home.

Use Artisan Items As a Statement Piece
When it comes to decorating a place in your home with artisan items, you may be nervous about going overboard with it. What’s better to do, rather than trying to fill every part of a room with artisan items is to choose a piece you really love and make it a focal point and a statement piece.

You can build the décor in the room around that piece, and it will ensure that it’s special and takes center stage, but it isn’t overwhelming.

Some designers recommend that if you do add artisan elements into your home, you do so in a way that’s focused on a central theme. Build the theme of your room around the concept of the artisan pieces you’re incorporating.

Find Pieces with a Story
For people who collect art, one of their favorite things is to know the pieces hanging in their home have a story. It’s the same idea not just with traditional art, but with anything that’s hand-crafted.

Look for retailers and creators that offer pieces that each have a unique story. There is a belief in retail that people don’t buy products and instead, they buy stories.

Give Back
So many retailers that offer artisan items from creators around the world also give back as part of each sale. If you want your purchase to have meaning, look for retailers that donate to the local community where items come from, or to a relevant charity.

One example of an organization that brings artisan crafts to shoppers around the world with a focus on giving back is called Ethical Fashion Guatemala. Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides a platform for local artists so that their work can be seen by the world.

The goal of Ethical Fashion Guatemala is to provide a platform and resource to artists whose designs or ideas were infringed on by sellers in the U.S. who copied their work, or paid low prices for items locally and then sold them in the U.S. at a high markup.

Finally, along with looking for items that are made following fair trade practices and in a way that protects workers, think about looking for artisan items that are also environmentally sound. For example, look for artisans who make things with renewable products, or who use eco-friendly methods.

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