3 Fab Handbags from Rabeanco

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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By now, you should all know that I am a handbag addict. Even if I don't have 39809320942 in my collection anymore, I can't stop obsessing over new ones that I find. And recently, I was introduced to Rabeanco.

Rabeanco was founded in 2004 on the foundation of finding long standing premium leather goods in Hong Kong. It's actually one of the first premium Hong Kong brands to share the global retail landscape with some of the most desirable fashion brands in the world! Rabeanco bags are becoming more prevalent in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.

Currently, in the US, according to the Store Locator, there are 2 stores in California and a third one is on the way! This all went down in August.. so brace yourselves.. the US is getting some pretty cool bags now!

Rabeanco bags have already received some press coverage in Glamour and Cosmo!! And all orders placed on the site include free shipping! You can also get gift cards as well!

So here are my top 3 picks from the Rabeanco Line.... which is your favorite?! Leave a comment on this post telling me which one and it might just be my next purchase and I'll even style it in an Outfit post!

The Bonham Satchel is so classy and I love the shape, size, and color! This is such a versatile bag, and very spacious indeed!  The detachable shoulder strap enables it to be an everyday bag or a one night thing! 

The Umbria bag is fabulous as well! This bag is a great work bag when I look at it.  It can hold all my folders, magazines, and other essentials, all while looks elegant and chic.  The color is great for Fall and Winter and I am in love with the fact that it has a large top opening so I can always reach in quickly to find what I need!

And finally, I love the Marianna.  I love the thinner slouchier look of this bag and the buckle embellishments on the side are my weak spot.   This is a great bag to keep close to you on your shoulder, but has enough space that you can keep your everyday essentials inside.  Plus, it has a detachable shoulder strap!  I think every bag needs one of those!  

So which do you like the best?   Let me know in a comment below so you can help make my next handbag purchase decision way easier! 

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