Cold Weather Tips

Monday, November 11, 2013

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The air is cold and dry now and it's going to take a toll on your skin and your health and even your hair if you aren't properly prepared, so here's a few tips for getting through the cold dry air this Winter.

Wear a scarf

It doesn't have to be a boring bulky one at all. Instead, opt for fun colors like a leopard print scarf, and have fun wearing it in all different ways. It can help keep your neck and chest warm as well as covering your face/mouth on a windy chilly morning.

Wear warm boots

And if you are worried about smelly feet and ruining your favorite pair of expensive boots, invest in shoeliners so that you can keep your boots in good shape for years to come.

Dress Appropriately for the Weater!

Even if you don't like wearing a bulky coat, and you opt for a thinner one, you still need to make sure your everyday clothing is appropriate for the cold temperature. Embrace sweaters by adding cute graphic designs to your sweater wardrobe. Floral print sweaters look great even in the Fall and Winter months!

Carry a Sturdy Handbag

A quality bag will be able to tote all your stay-warm necessities and it will hold up through the harsh weather. So invest in a durable leather bag like the Floto Toscana Tote.

Stay Warm in the House

You don't want to run yourself down and get a cold because your body is fighting so hard to get warm, so always have a good blanket around to snuggle with when watching TV on the couch. You can even make your old shirts into a quilt.

Bundle up when Working Out

Even if you sweat when you go on a morning jog, you still need to bundle up when it's cold out so you won't run yourself down. A Warm-Up Jacket will keep you warm and let you look and feel your best even on a frigid morning!

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