Fashion First Aid Review

Saturday, November 9, 2013

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No Fashionista is safe from fashion mishaps and blunders, we all know that by now.   It's important to ALWAYS be prepared for ANYTHING to happen.  That's why I love Fashion First Aid.   They carry a line of products that can fix pretty much any embarrassing fashion moment, from booty marks on your jeans, to stinky feet!

I received several samples from Fashion First Aid.  The Low Expectations Bra Converters actually were amazing and I can now wear so many more items from my wardrobe.  Before, I wouldn't have a bra that WOULDN'T stick out so I would always have to choose another dress or dressy shirt.   Now, I can wear ANYTHING!  

The Wundercover tattoo and skin shields are great for covering up tattoos or bruises but also for acting as a buffer between your heels and feet and your uncomfortable shoes.   These saved my life when I had blisters and painful spots on the back of my heel!

The Flatliners are a must have in any pair of flats, since you don't wear socks with them and they can get disgusting from sweaty stinky feet.  Just slip these in and you are good to go! I couldn't even feel they were in there in fact I totally forgot until it was time to take off my shoes after work!  

The Knickerstickers were so awesome especially during travel.  I actually used them in yoga pants as well and it was amazing.   At first I was nervous but honestly, it doesn't feel any different than if you were wearing underwear!

Seriously, look around on the Fashion First Aid website and you are bound to find several must haves for your specific Fashion needs!!

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