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Friday, November 15, 2013

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If you have ever used the Dave Ramsey Budget Envelope system like I have, you may understand my frustration with the tiny envelopes, not too mention the bland colors. If you want to stick to a budget and spend frugally, you need to make it an enjoyable experience for yourself. That's why I love Spendvelope!

With Spendvelope you get colorful, light weight envelopes that cost less than Dave's Deluxe System, and are obviously brighter! Each envelope has a log printed on it so you can write the amounts you put in on payday, and the amounts you take out for spending (wihtin your budget of course!)

Do you not even know what I'm talking about with this whole budget envelope system? Okay, refresher.... you basically allow yourself a certain amount (based on what your expenses have been in the category) for each necessary category of your budget like cars, gas, groceries, doctor's appointments, etc. Then each payday, you go to the bank and withdrawal cash and then place the allotted amount in each envelope. The log on the outside helps you see where your money goes.

I received a Spendvelope system and honestly it's so easy to use. The envelopes are nice and durable but still easy to open when I need to get my cash out in a hurry. They hardly take up room in my handbag and there are tons of fun ways you could craft them into your Filofax or other personal organizer. I love that there are 20 envelopes because I know that if I run out of log space on one, or if I just beat one up too bad, I can always pull out another. These are so affordable too so they really won't hurt your budget... lol! Spendvelopes are a very good investment in the longrun and I highly recommend them!!!

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