Skin Ally Pillowcase Review & *Giveaway* Ends 11/11

Monday, November 4, 2013

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Beauty sleep is imperative in every woman's life.... but what if what you sleep on is actually part of the problem?!  Pillowcases can actually spread and cause acne on your face... think about it... night after night your dirty skin and sweat is on your pillowcase and then you sleep on it again the next night, etc. etc. etc. 

   Well Skin Ally has a pillowcase scientifically formulated to help acne and promote better sleep with a bamboo pillowcase and clinically proven natural remedies.   It works through microencapsulation.   That's a process where particles or liquids are surrounded by a coating to create a microcapsule.  The coating protects it.   So when you lay on Skin Ally, the pressure and heat of your body gently break the walls of the microcapsules, which then releases the scientifically formulated serum and even when you use your pillowcase many times after that, you can still get the full benefit of the serum! If the relaxing scent of the pillowcase ever begins to fade you can just rub it together for a few seconds and it will break the top layer of microcapsules to release more scent.  

I received a Skin Ally pillowcase and within a few weeks, my acne issues were gone!   And it was so much easier to fall asleep at night!  I really did enjoy the smell and even after a couple weeks, and then a wash, this still worked good as ever when I started using it again.   I love how healthy my skin looks and feels now, not to mention how fantastic my bed smells!!

And one winner will get a pillowcase of their own!

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  1. My favorite benefit is that it's machine washable. That is really helpful. Thank you.

  2. I like this pillow case up above. I have an acne issue as well especially with my pillow. i need to wash it almost 4xs a week so it can be clean enough for my face to be on it.

  3. I like the fact that they can last 1-2 yrs depending on wash cycle & continue to provide protection against acne.

  4. I like that the pillowcase has microcapsules along with bamboo fibers to combat acne and a 1-2 year lifespan


  5. I like that it is machine washable. I also like that it fights acne while you sleep.

  6. I like the fact that it helps heal (& then prevent!) acne breakouts, & that it gets dofter but continues to work wash after wash! Great review, thanks for the chance!

  7. I like that If scent begins to fade, rub pillowcase together for 4-5 seconds to break the top layer of microcapsules and release more scent

  8. I love anything made from bamboo and this is!

  9. Anything that promotes better sleep is a benefit I can go for (I am a horrible sleeper)

  10. I like that as you lay on the Skin Ally, the pressure and heat of your body break the walls of the microcapsules releasing the serum for your benefit


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