My Happiness Project: November - Keep A Contented Heart - COMPLETE!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

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My Happiness Project for the month of November was to Keep a Contented Heart.

Ways I did this were:
1. Laugh More.
2. Be More Positive.
3.Be Selfish in a Good Way.

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1. Laugh more.
I embraced my sarcastic ways again, especially with my friends and coworkers and it made work days and even boring bad days so much more managable. I also tried to take things that frustrated me and make a joke out of it, even just to myself so that I wouldn't get so angry about what was going on!

2.  Be More Positive.

Instead of complaining, I would bite my tongue and remind myself why I'm lucky that I even have a problem. Long day at work? So what, some people don't have jobs!

3. Be Selfish in A Good Way.
I love myself so much now that I even caught myself pondering how much I would want to be my own friend if I were another person! I notice the good things about myself simply by taking compliments seriously and even by making myself compliment the mirror when I look in it. Hey, it worked didn't it?

Check back on Monday when I post a summary of all of my Happiness Projects from this year and How can you have your own  Happiness Project  in 2014!
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    1. So do i hehe Thanks for reading, I'll be checking your blog out right now!


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