Delicious Scents - Guess Girl and Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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For some reason I'm super into fruity scents this year so when it comes to what I wear as my own perfume, I'm really serious about smelling good all day, and my opinion matters most!

   It's a good thing I started wearing Guess Girl, because everyone else seems to like it as well!   It's a very playful feminine fragrance with a hint of citrus, raspberry nectar, melon, and bergamot mist.     It's light but it's strong enough to last all day.  It only takes 2 sprays for me to stay smelling delightful from 9-5 at my job!

And for the guys out there... check out Nautica Aqua Rush Gold.   It features Citrus and Lime and is once again not overpowering, yet strong enough to last all day.    I love spelling this on my guy all day, it's very refreshing.   It's the kind of scent that I could smell all night as I sleep and wake up in the best basically it's great for snuggling!  ;-) 

So definitely think about adding those fragrances to your Christmas shopping plan!!!


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