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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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I have been so excited for weeks to tell you about international Sanctuary aka iSanctuary.  Their jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking.  That's right.. they make it, package it, and ship it.  100% of the proceeds go to providing support for both domestic and international survivors.  When a woman walks through the door with the label as a traffick victim she's immediately treated as an individual with a positive and upbeat environment and also with the opportunity to create gorgeous jewelry.   This is a healthy way to cope with hard situations so the fact that each piece was made specifically by a victim of trafficking is extremely meaningful to me. 

I received a barbed wire style bracelet, a cuff bracelet, and a gorgeous dangle necklace.   I have to say.....   the second I put on the black cuff bracelet I realized how much of a process it was. I had to coil it on and coil it off to remove.   This kind of symbolized to me, the image of being trapped, which is I'm sure how the women that made these pieces of jewelry had felt in the past.  In a way it made me share their struggle and made me think "Hey, I feel for you and I respect you so I will proudly wear what you made."  I can't believe how gorgeous the necklace is and how well crafted it is.  Someone really put time and patience and even love into this piece of jewelry.   The barbed wire bracelet also reminded me of the pain and struggle a victim may feel so it also makes me proud to wear it!
Seriously, if you are going to buy jewelry, make sure it's something with a special meaning behind it, like the jewelry at iSanctuary. 

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