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Monday, November 4, 2013

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When I travelled to New York the other week for LuckyFABB I realized that life on the go is much easier when you pack correctly and bring the right stuff.     

1. Dress for comfort in between events

I was smart and brought flats and some comfy T-shirts so I could enjoy my down time and also to make my commute easier.   Nothing is worse than achey feet on the first day of a trip! I even made sure to bring shoe liners for my flats so there was no embarrassing odor!

2. Bring the right accessories.

I will never leave home without a stylish and durable handbag, or gorgeous colorful jewelry.

3. Don't forget to bring the 2 wears.

Fitness wear and shape wear... keep up with your workout routine, and suck your gut in when you can't!

4. Keep the weather in mind.


I was freezing at night and a blanket, even one made out of old tshirts, is a great idea!

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