3 Fashionable Things that Make Life Easier

Monday, January 13, 2014

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Life is hard, get a helmet...OR get some of these fashionable accessories and must-haves for your wardrobe so you can get the most convenience out of your outfit!

1. Shapewear

Shapewear like the Tummy Tucker from Wink Shapewear is perfect for layering and will help flatten your curves  so you look fabulous in every outfit. 

2. A Reliable Watch

A good watch will tell you the time even in the stickiest of situations like say, when you're away from your beloved cell phone! Plus you can find watches in so many different styles and colors, like the Boyfriend Watch from The Trendy Boutique. 

3. Shoe Liners

Shoe liners from SummerSox not only help your shoes last longer by preventing bacteria and stinky smells from ruining them, but they can help add a layer of warmth and comfort to your boots.  So whether it's flats, open toed sandal pumps, or boots... these are a fashion fix that I consider a must have! 

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  1. This is so true! Haha.
    Awesome tips. c:



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