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Friday, January 17, 2014

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If you've never heard of Keys to My Castle, you'll be glad you are reading this post, because they just made your keychain even prettier! I have always LOVED keys and I seem to collect key-themed decor everywhere I go, but there's something about a plain key on a keychain that is just boring!! And everything I go to the home improvement store to get a cool one, I'm less than impressed with the selection. Well, Michelle had the same inspiration when she developed Keys to My Castle. Always fascinated by keys and the fact that they each have something they are assigned to open, she decided to make keys more special to anyone who enjoys them like her and I do!

There really is something to be said for the mystery surrounding a random key. Skeleton keys especially always look so mysterious and I always wonder what lies behind the door they open. So if you want to make your keys more beautiful and meaningful, look no further. Keys to My Castle has classic keys with simple designs and couture keys with elaborate stylish designs and text. Keys to My Castle can be cut for Schlage locks or Kwikset locks. All you have to do is take it to a local shop that has a key making service and ask them to make it fit an existing key you have.

So my key is SUPER special to me because it's going to be for my first home! I can NOT wait till I can open the door for the first time with this key. It's very special to me because it says "No Place Like Home" which is exactly what I'll be saying when I get to come home to my cozy chihuahua-filled house someday down the road.

This little symbol of hope is just enough to make me think more positive about my current living situation and it also makes me look forward to the future even more!!! I love how sturdy and thick it is and I love that it's shorter because I have noticed that the longer the key, the more it bends from the way you hold it. Plus, I always have several keys on my keychain and I hate digging through to find the one I need on the chain, so this one will be easy to find since it's got a unique shape and weight to it! The other thing I love about this design is the shoes on the opposite side..perfect for a fashionista like myself!!
Another good idea for a friend who just got a home is a special key from Keys to My Castle, so it gives a little bit more excitement in the process of unlocking the door every day after work!!!

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