Don't Panic, It's Just Prom

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Alright, everyone relax, it's going to be okay!  Prom is on the horizon but the only thing you need to worry about besides a dress is finding a date.   With that aside for now... it's important to find the perfect dress so that you look great and feel like a rockstar as you enter the doors to that dance floor!   

So where do you start?  It definitely can be overwhelming especially if you have no clue what you are looking for, but if you look for Prom Dresses by Fame & Partners you'll have a lot of help along the way.  

So follow these steps and you'll look good no matter what kind of arm candy you have on Prom night!

1. Search the Styles
There are so many beautiful styles and colors to choose from at Fame & Partners.  You can choose from long dresses or short and even in between! Also, you can shop by body type!

2. Get some advice
At Fame & Partners you will get free styling advice available via live chat.  No need to worry about waking up your friends at 11pm to ask them how to style it.  

3. Customize your dress
You may want a different hemline or neck and guess what... you can totally get that for free!   That's basically like having it made JUST for you!  How cool will it be to tell everyone that when they ask where you dress is from? 

4. Order
Go ahead and order and enjoy free shipping! 

5. Try it on and don't freak out
You get free returns if you don't like it and there's a fit guarantee so you can exchange your dress for the correct size! 

So what are you waiting for... go over, take the style profile quiz, sign up and get $20 off and get shopping girlfriend!

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  1. Awesome!! Wish this was available back in highschool years. :(
    I wore a black and white dress similar to the second style. :D



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