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Friday, January 10, 2014

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I am a sucker for subscription services and normally it's jewelry or makeup, but nibblr blew my mind when they told me that they offer a snack subscription service that can be delivered to your home OR office! nibblr has over 55 delicious combinations to choose from in a portion-controlled individually sealed tray of 4 snacks. You can customize what you receive by signing up on their site and filling out the series of questions that will help them know what you might or might not want to try. This is a fantastic gift idea for someone close to you that's trying to focus on healthy eating in the new year!

So what are these snacks made up of? Well, let's see- there is dried fruits such as apricots and pomegranates, fruit and nut combos, just nuts, feel good sweets like chocolate and cranberry apples, and savory sensations such as bruschetta and sun dried tomatoes. Each box has 4 pre-portioned snacks that can be scheduled to deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly and you can choose the duration.

It's very easy to sign up.
1. Visit and create an account. Fill out details for delivery.
2. Select a payment method. One box at a time is $5.99 or you can prepay for either 4 or 12 boxes at a discounted rate!
3. Choose what you love, like, and don't care for so you can get a better selection of snacks in your box.
4. ENJOY!!!

So like I said above, it's $5.99 including shipping anywhere in the US and a 4-box subscription is $5.75 a box. If you want to sign up for a 12-box subscription it'll be $5.50 a box.

The majority of nibblr's offerings are just 150 calories or less! And a nutritional information label is posted on the bottom of each snack package!

So when I received my box I was so excited to see what was inside.

Right away I loved the flat shape of the package and the lightweight feel. Inside, I found the neatest little snacks! 

Sesa-Me & You was sesame honey almond snack mix and is considered nuts for nuts. I absolutely loved the snack food taste with the benefits of the almond ingredient. The portion was just right and definitely satisfied my hunger at the time until my next meal. 

Caramel Apple was so cool, with peanuts, caramel and dried apples! It was fun and easy to snack on this while at work and I loved the combination of sweet and crunchy! This snack was a feel good sweets category snack. 

Olde World Blend contained dates, figs, and red walnuts and is a fruit and nut snack. It was great to munch on red walnuts (something I normally don't snack on) and enjoy the sweet tart taste of dates and figs!

And Olive You was my favorite, and is from the savory sensations category. Inside were mini crisps with pumpkin seeds, dates, and olives. I absolutely loved the crunchy snack food feel and taste of this snack mix!

And guess what! You can try nibblr out for free! That's right, you get one free trial box so you can see what you think of it! Just use coupon code ASKAWAY

And ONE lucky winner will get a FREE 4-box Trial Subscription!

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  1. I'd send it to my house! :) thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I would have it sent to my house. TY!

  3. I'd get the subscription delivered to my home.

  4. I would get it delivered to my house. This would be a great way to get some great healthy sncks for me and my hubby to share. Love the cute little box and we would each get two little snacks in each box... Perfect.... Thnks for the chance to win this great snack subscription.

  5. Being that I'm a stay at home mom, that's a no brainer! :)

  6. Being that I'm a stay at home mom, that's a no brainer! :)

  7. I'd get it sent to my home, if it went to work the guys would probably eat it before it got to my desk


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