I'm Co-Hosting A Bold Bag Event on Covet!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

In case you don't remember me telling you about the Covet Fashion App in this blog post,  it's the coolest way to practice styling different looks, feed your shopping habit, and get inspiration for your real life closet. 

And guess what! I'm co-hosting the next Event in the Covet Fashion App!   This event is called Bold Bag.   A bold handbag is the ultimate accoutrement, as it says a lot about the personality of the person carrying it. Whether you prefer to haul around a shoulder bag, a pint-sized clutch, or an oversized tote, a holdall is imperative. Create a contemporary look, including your choice of bag.

The Bold Bag Event goes live today at 3 PM EST so go download the app here and then make sure you enter my event by the deadline of January 12th at 3 PM EST!

Get your looks in and then stay tuned for MY favorite looks from the event. You might even find your look as one of my favorites!

Need Inspiration?

Just think of how much you already love handbags, like I do!!   Then think of what you would wear depending on which bag you were carrying. 

Will it be an amazingly bold bag in statement color? 

Or will you opt for a more casual look with a comfortable outfit and a versatile LARGE bag?

Or what about a bold pattern?

Let the creative juice flow! 


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