10 Gift Ideas for Women {{Ask Away Gift Guide 2015}}

Monday, December 7, 2015

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Women...we are just so dang difficult to satisfy, right?    Honestly, even when you have to decide on a gift for your best friend - it still gets tricky.  So I put together a brief gift guide or things appropriate for the women in your life - whether it's your partner, sister, best friend, or coworker.

//1// Personalized Jewelry
I mean you can't go wrong with jewelry right? And what's better than a ring with your name on it?

This is the Carrie Style Name Ring from Onecklace. I love how comfortable it is to wear and how my name is definitely noticeable but it's still not too showy or tacky!   This is a nice band style ring that you can wear for any occassion. Any gal would love this!  

These are too darn cute!  I'm sure your sister or bestie would love some Sterling Silver Name Stud Earrings from Onecklace. Stud earrings are a staple to any girl's jewelry collection so why not make them a bit more impressive with the recipient's name!

//2// Wine Bottle Opener
The Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Bottle Opener is an amazing gift! This opener is so easy to use.  It automatically activates to remove and eject corks when you place it on a wine bottle.  The built in rechargeable battery open up to 60 wine bottles on a single charge.  It's really lightweight and I love the sleek design.  It literally works at the touch of a button and it even comes with a compact foil cutter that doubles as a stand along with a bonus pourer and stopper!  I love that I no longer have to stress out about opening wine bottles.  When I visit vineyards, I bring this in my picnic basket!

//3// Decorative Baskets
These baskets from Baskets of Africa are so gorgeous and each one is one-of-a-kind and woven by a local African craftsperson.  They are decorative AND functional.

//4// Stylish Bangles
Luca + Danni Jewelry offers handcrafted jewelry including bangles that have a lovely meaning behind each one.  Take the Angel Wing Bangle for example. It's hand made and is a nice wire wrap style bangle with a hook and catch closure. The pewter angel wing charm is gorgeous and the message behind this is to remind you that angels are always watching over you and your loved ones.   This reminds me of my best friend Nikki that passed away so I love the angel wings for that reason. 

//5// An Always Charged Phone
It's a big deal these days to have your phone die when you really need it charged so what better gift than a GoCharge Portable Power Bank!? It's easy to hook up to your phone, charges it in 3 hours and it's nice and slim so it won't take up room in your purse, pocket, etc. 

And if you use the coupon code AskAway you can get 50% off! 

//6//Cute Mug
A cute personalized mug is always a great gift.  This Engraved Heart Coffee Mug from Things Remembered is gorgeous and holds lots of coffee.  Mine says On Wednesday's We Wear Pink (from Mean Girls) but yours can say whatever you'd like it to!

//7//Personalized Adult Coloring Book
So one of the big things now is adult coloring books. I have some and they are really fun. Taking that a step further you can actually get personalized coloring books like Keep Calm and Color On! I had mine customized with an inspiring quote and I love the designs inside!!!!!   This is one of my most favorite coloring books EVER!!!  You can get one for $19.99.  It makes an amazing gift!

//8//Subscription Boxes
There are so many subscription box services out there from ipsy to Pop Sugar.  So why not gift a month or two to your bestie?  They are always packed with fun things to try out!

//9//Lap Desk
This is an ideal gift for the blogger on your list.  I love my Lap Desk.  It makes it possible to be on the computer comfortably from any seated position whether it's a bus, plane, or couch!

//10// BT5200 Headphones 
Okay so I have a pair of these BT5200 Wireless Headphones from Puro Sounds and I wear them ALL the time!  They are great for blocking out 82% of background noise using an LED indicator they let you know what is a safe listening level. The sound is crisp and very clear and has amazing dynamic bass.  These headphones use Bluetooth wireless with a 30 foot range so it's great for working out, yard work, running/walking, in the office, or just at home when you want to relax.  They are made of durable aluminum in the earcups and headband so they'll last longer than most since they aren't made from cheap plastic.  They also are very lightweight.  I think these are the most comfortable I've ever tried too. My ears always get sore from stuff like this but that has yet to happen.

I hope this helps you figure out what to get for the ladies on your list!

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  1. What fun ideas, Ellen!! I have a couple of people that would love some of these - thanks!!

  2. I have been dying to try one of those adult colouring books! Do you love it?

  3. So much cuteness in here!!!! I LOVE adult coloring books ... or kids ones for that matter ;)

  4. I love the personalized ring and the lap desk, that would be so handy! Such a great list :)

  5. Such great gift ideas! Personalised gifts are so lovely, and it's obvious to the person who gets the gift that you've really thought about it. I love anything tea related :P


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