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Monday, December 28, 2015

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I'm not even kidding.  If you google Crazy Chihuahua Lady, and click on images, my photo is halfway down the page.  

I really can't imagine life without my wolf pack.   There are so many reasons why I'm a CCL though.

1// I would rather stay home with them than go party. Seriously.  My stomach hurts when I have to leave them, so I just avoid leaving them altogether and instead I stay home every weekend on the couch and watch TV. And I love it.   They are great company. 

2// When I do go out, I'm miserable.  But now, PetChatz has enabled me.   I can go out but I can still be in touch with my babies!  Pet chatz is like the best invention known to mankind!  PetChatz allows you to connect from anywhere even when you aren't physically home.  It's an interactive way to talk to them which is more than just watching them on a webcam. With PetChatz you can actually give them attention and interact in real time.  There are no monthly fees - it's free unlimited chat time.  PetChatz is made of super durable materials that are pet safe and PetChatz mounts directly over an outlet and gets screwed securely onto a wall stud.  That means your dog can't go trying to pull it off.  Plus, there are no corners, edges, or electrical cords that can be chewed.  GENIUS!!!

But wait - it's even crazier (Better!).  You can actually dispense a treat (one of the all-natural PetChatz ones) with the click of a button on the app or from your computer.   And you can dispense a calming scent that's created specifically for PetChatz to give them a sense of security. You can even use your own scents.  PetChatz has alerts that you can set up for motion and sound so I always know when my dogs are up and about and I can tune in to make sure there are no accidents in the house which sometimes happens, especially with Rocky.  Setting up PetChatz is so easy it just takes a few minutes. It's Wi-Fi compatible so you aren't restricted to where you can place it and it's so easy to use with the web and mobile apps. 

And no I'm not done yet - you can actually train your pet to call you over PetChatz system by pressing the PawCall button, which is an optional accessory that's compatible with PetChatz HD.   This thing has literally changed my life. I no longer stress out when I'm not home with the dogs. I can see what they are doing, make sure I calm the down if they are barking a lot, and I can interact with them whenever I miss them.  My whole life is completely changed thanks to this gem!

3// I have been known to sit on the floor if there is no room on the couch for me.   My dogs also sleep in bed with me so even if I'm super tired and they are taking up a lot of space, I just let them have their way.  I would literally starve in order to keep them happy.  I mean I'd be miserable too but who cares...I'd still have them.  I know... it's crazy, but I warned you!!

4// I take time to play with each one individually every day.  That's right...every single day I play with my dogs one on one.  I know what each one likes and that's what we do.  For Stella, I basically just pet her and talk to her in a goofy voice. She just loves attention and that makes her happy. Grace likes to wrestle with me and we chase each other around.  Pixie loves playing fetch so every night I sit on the floor and throw her mini tennis balls.  And Rocky is the cuddler so he gets special cuddles every day!

5// They have 5,000 nicknames each.   Not even kidding. Okay maybe I'm kind of exagerrating but let's see...

Pixie - Piggies, pig, pickies, figgets, piggets, figgies, pigmalia, pigamus prime, miss pixie wiggins, wiggins, pixie wigginstein, das foogy, fickes, fickes mcgehey, baby piggy, lil sis, stinky pigs, wiggets.  

Grace - Anna, banana, ann, mama, bub rub, gatey, getty, grace ann, gitty, Annamous Prime, Gatey Ann, Officer Gatey.

Stella- Telly, tell, tella bear, baby bear, bear, t bear, steve, steve-o, shteve-o, steven, Poo eater, Stella marie, telly bum, baby bee, B, Stelly McBear, Shteve-o Shtevowski, Terry Teriquo, Broby.

Rocky - Rock man, rocket, rock guy, buddy, bud, buddy guy, buddy man, tink, tinky man, tinkery man, tinkery, stinks, stinky, stink man, stink man mcgee, BG, guy bud, guy bud man, Rocket man.  

See - I'm crazy.   

Oh but wait... one of you is going to be just as enabled as I am because PetChatz is giving one lucky winner a unit of their own!
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  1. I soooo need this. I have a zoo at my house and hate leaving them.

  2. omg i need this!!! i would love to chat with my charlie!!

  3. You are an absolute riot, Ellen!! I thought we were bad with all the nicknames for my two babies!!! Ha ha, your little squishes are absolutely adorable - and I completely understand why you hate to leave them after what happened to poor Pixie. I'd be the same!!

    1. yes i hate leaving them everytime even if its just for an hour lol

  4. Oh my god-this is amazing!!! And your nicknames are so funny, we have quite a lot too hahaha glad to hear we are not alone! =P That petchatz thing is so amazing- I have never heard of it before! I would have asked for this for christmas if i had known! hahaha

    1. the nicknames just keep coming lol i make new ones up all the time too


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