Festive with My Bestie

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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Last weekend I got to see my blogger bestie Monica of Jersey Girl Texan Heart and exchange gifts!!! 

I decided to dress comfy (for the drive which was 90 minutes) but still classy, so I threw on this sequin sweater from Maurices. 

When it came to accessories I kept it light because I didn't want to take away from the pretty sequin detail of my sweater.  I decided to wear this Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet.  This bracelet is not only handmade but it's so gorgeous and light weight but I love that it makes a great chunky statement piece.  There are 3 loop options for sizing too. You can also get 20% off  on their site with the coupon code: askaway20 

For my necklace, I chose this adorable Gold Arrow Necklace from Marrin Costello! It's like the perfect length and it's so lightweight. Since I wore a neutral color sweater, the gold went perfect with it!

 I love my bestie because she's so smart. She knows what I love. She got me this gorgeous serving platter carousel because she knows we entertain a lot at our new house! I love this thing!!!!!! I took it out and kept spinning it when I got home.  She also got me another chihuahua ornament which is friggin awesome and she made that cute little deer out of wine corks!!!

We only got one picture together which is fine because I noticed the older I get the more I cherish time with people. Not only was it dark and cold outside so it would have been hard to do photos, but I was more excited to see her and talk with her than take photos!   We haven't seen each other since earlier in 2015.  With the chaos of Rocky's heart condition being discovered and moving and settling in, we totally fell off our normal routine of seeing each other every 2 months.  So I'll definitely see her again in February!

Do you have a blogger BFF? Do you meet up with them?

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  1. Awe I love my blogger bestie :). And yes this time around no going a bazillion months without seeing each other. I miss your face already <3


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