Heading Into 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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I had a great year this year.   I mean heck, we bought a house, I celebrated 5 years of blogging, I paid off my debt... the list goes on!    So heading into 2016 there are some things I'm going to focus on.

A New Laptop
I love Apple products. For the longest time I had a 13" Macbook Pro which I got in 2010.  I was still a young thing back then so that poor laptop went through Hell.  It went in for repairs many times because of me banging it around or not keeping it up and away from fur and dust.  It got to the point though that it would overheat so easily. So I decided it was time to invest in a newer version and I got another Macbook Pro but this one has a Retina display and is thinner than my last one.  I'm taking special special care of this one. I even got a protective cover for the wrist rest part of my Macbook Pro! The Palm Rest and Trackpag Protector from UPPERCASE Designs is amazing. It helps shield against dirt, grease, sweat, and abrasion which includes scratching from watches or jewelry.  The protectors are made from a plastic film that comes in different finishes to match the new Macbook's gold, space gray, and silver colors! They totally blend in with the aluminum surface.  They can be removed easily without leaving a residue and it was super easy to apply.  I definitely am taking more precautions with caring for my precious Macbook now that I understand how crucial it is for my blogging career.

I went to get a massage recently and it was insane how tense my fascia and my muscles were.  I need to stretch a lot more.   I don't need to do yoga necessarily but I'm going to make it a point every couple days to go down into the gym, get my yoga mat out, and stretch. And breathe.   I have a great new yoga mat to keep me motivated too.  Like anything I do, I lose interest fast, so I figured an inspiring yoga mat was just the thing. This is from Affirmats and I just love their line of yoga mats!  

It says You Are Wonderfully Made.  This reminds me that I need to love my body and continue to take care of it. I love this mat because it's very slip resistant and sooo comfortable to lay and sit on.

I need to take more time to just relax and do absolutely nothing.  I am someone who normally likes to be doing stuff and likes to stay on a routine of crossing things off my to do list.   This year I'm going to add relaxing to my to do list and enjoy just laying around doing nothing.   I don't have a ton to do anyways now that my life is in order. 

I need to build up my savings more in 2016. I'm still debt free which is great but I really need to put a nice little safety lump of money together in one of my accounts!

What are you working on in 2016?

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  1. Great goals for the new year! I am allll about relaxing and that is something I haven't been able to do recently so I need to focus on that too. I used to wake up and stretch first thing every morning but have gotten away from that in recent years - something else I should focus on too.

    1. Stretching is so important. I'm really gonna try hard this time around.

  2. Great goals for 2016. One of my goals is to keep up with my fitness and weight loss.


  3. I love that you are so focused and goal oriented even though you are so young - good for you!!


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