My //Obsession\\ with [Label Making]

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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You may laugh at me for this but I don't care.    I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with label making.  If I can make a label for something - BOOM - I'm on it!  

Yup doesn't matter what part of the house it is, whether it's at work or not, or if it's in a place that no other human being will ever see except me.  If I can make, print, and stick a label on it, I will.

One time I tried to hand write something. I got so pissed off at my handwriting that I immediately covered it with a label.

Everything just looks so much more clean and uniform when it's on a tiny white label. 

And don't get me started on why labels are so important but they are!  Man, you gotta believe me! I've labeled folders, files, freezer bins, pantry containers, cash envelopes, storage bins, and more. You name it and it probably has a friggin label on it.

So the other week, I was roaming around, as I often ALWAYS do, and was like
"HMMMMMMM What can I label?"

[Then it hit me.]  

They are everywhere!  And they aren't labeled!!   I began remembering how ticked off I get when I need to unplug something to make room for the vacuum cord and I unplug the wrong thing.  GRRRR!! 

//So I was like\\
Yo, why don't I just label it all?!


So I pulled out my new trusty rusty Epson LabelWorks Cable and Wiring Kit. 

I mean what could be better?! There is literally an entire kit that has everything you need that all gets stored in it's only little carrying case.   It's easy to store, easy to use, and easy to live your life afterwards.


This kit specifically was designed to help organize home and office electronics wire jungles by letting you quickly label and identify each cable.  You can customize the labels and they are industrial strength too which is so appropriate because most of us are super gentle (NOT) when we yank wires out of the outlet. 

These labels are perfect for organizing the octopus outlets we all have but act like we don't.

My bedroom outlet has a plethora of cords for my straightener, hair dryer and lamp. Gah!!!

My living room outlet is just a cluster of cords going every which way. It's chaos! We have a router, a TV, a Bluray player, an Apple TV, an HDMI splitter, and some other random things. Good lord!

I love this labeling kit because not only are there several different font types and styles but there is even a built-in memory to store up to 30 label design files. 

You can print two lines of text on each label.  This label maker kit works with industrial strength matte and strong adhesive tapes that are included in the packaging. 

Dude, there are even cute little symbols and frames you can add to the labels! I'm in luhhhhhveeee!  Seriously, you don't get it. This is like HEAVEN to me!


Look at ALL the pretty things!!!

Honestly, this is a safety measure too because it's not smart for me to go grabing at random wires and yanking them out of the wall just to hurridly plug in my phone charger.  

There are so many things this can be used for like labeling the eletrical box in the basement and even outdoor wiring.

For $99.99 I'm telling you - this kit is so darn worth it!

So am I the only crazy label lady around here? Oh come on!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. i'm all about labeling as well

  2. I'm adding this to my wish list. Organizing is great and I need to have a label maker in my life.


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