5 Benefits of Using Lighting as Decor

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Now that I'm a homeowner I love decorating each room.  I like choosing simple decor that adds to a room without making it look cluttered.  Since I have a smaller house, I have learned that decorating with useful accents is a win-win.  I use the decor and it also looks nice. The main thing I decorate with now is lighting.   Lamps can really make a room look perfect if you find one that has a complementary style or color with the rest of the decor in your room.  I also love that you don't have to break the bank with lighting. 

When it comes to decorating with home lighting, there are several benefits.  

|1| It Looks Nice
I always admire people's home decor especially their floor lamps.  Maybe it's just me but pillows and lighting can really make or break a room.  I especially love when people have a lamp or lighting that matches the colors or theme of a room.  The last thing I shopped for was additional lighting when we moved in because I wanted to wait till we had the basic decor and flow of the house in place so it would be easier to accent each room with the right kind of lighting.

|2| It's Practical
I mean who doesn't need lighting in their home?  Everyone does!  Without buying unneccesary knick knacks and clutter, you can add a piece of decor that actually serves a purpose.  I'm all about home decor that doubles as lighting or storage.  Plus, I can easily justify spending money on a PRACTICAL purchase.

|3| It Doesn't Add Clutter
A lot of people fill their counters and shelves with knick knacks and mementos.   On the other hand, a lot of people have smaller homes that don't have tons of table top storage and they want to keep their home clutter free.  Often times, a lamp needs a table in order to fit in a room, so that's why many people opt for Tiffany style hanging lights. It's up and out of the way but it still stands out and is a great conversation piece when giving people a tour of your home.

|4| It's Classy
Not every lamp and light in your home needs to be tacky or over the top so using inexpensive pendant lighting is a great way to keep the lighting decor in your home more minimalistic. It won't break the bank either and there's plenty of designs and colors to choose from.

|5| It's Healthy
Straining your eyes is a bad habit and not good for your vision at all. It's much healthier to have a well lit room so you can see what you're doing and where you're going.  You'll be able to read better, write better, and see what's going on in front of you with the right lighting.  Plus if you squint, it can make you get wrinkles so what better reason to use a lamp than to keep your skin beautiful!!

So there you have it - the many benefits of decorating a home using lighting.  There are so many options when it comes to this so I hope I've given you some ideas.  What ways to you currently use lighting in your home? Is it for the practical reason of brightening a room, or do you like to use your lamps foor decor?

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  1. I'm a huge fan of ambiant lighting - I have so many little lamps here and there in my home - they add just the right amount of coziness on these long winter nights!

    1. Yes i agree. cozy feelings from lighting and home decor is the best!

  2. I just loved your blogs. This is looking really beautiful. I'll definitely try this at my home. I am also a home improvement contractor and love to read new ideas.


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