My Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Everyone always asks what a blogger puts on their Christmas List? 

Well, it's the same as anyone else! So here's the stuff I'm lusting after right now...

 The Affair - Season 1 on DVD
I have been obsessed with this show ever since I first watched it on Netflix.  Because of this show I even subscribed to Showtime!  

The Joneses
I love this movie!  It reminds me of being a blogger in a lot of ways with products, product placement, and keeping up with the Joneses in general.   If you're a blogger you will know what I mean. 

Fuzzy Blankets
I love fuzzy blankets and I know the dogs love them too so that's another thing on my list.

Wrist Warmers 
I fell in love with these when I saw them in a Facebook ad! I am always freezing in my office and sometimes at home so these would come in really handy.   

Ninja Express Chop
This would come in SO handy when I'm cooking dinner every night.  I'm 99% sure my mom is getting this for me :)

You might be shocked to see such a small list but let me explain... earlier this year I used the KonMari method on my entire life.   I now own less stuff and the stuff I do have, brings me lots of joy. I no longer want things that I'll barely use or things that are just impulse buys.   I honestly am happier with less stuff and I don't want people giving me things that won't make me happy.

I am looking forward to actually being with family and eating good food and giving them MY gifts.   I love this new way of life.

What's on your list this year?

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  1. I loved that movie. When I watched it I thought it was a lot like blogging too. Although I hope we never cause anyone to kill themselves lol.

  2. I so want to see that movie. I think a cute pair of boots and an apron for working in my garden would be fun too. Don't think Santa is going to bring me a new camera but a girl can dream.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

    1. THe movie is so good! well i hope santa gets the note and gets you a camera ;o)

  3. I hope you get some items off your christmas list. I want some cute coffee mugs.

  4. I love fuzzy blankets too! You can never have too many.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  5. I need a new Ibena blanket, a new pair of Ecco shoes for exercising in, a fun tassel necklace, and a new camera. Hope your gift wishes are fulfilled! xo

    1. Tassel necklaces are awesome! I hope yours get fulfilled too!


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