Why Do Men Hate UGG Boots So Much? [Srsly?!]

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Okay those things - I love them.  I don't care if they are considered ugly - but these types of boots are comfy as all hell and that's all that matters.   I can take naps in them, I can do household things in them, and most importantly, if I have to - I can run errands in them. 

So what's the problem?   Well, you see my boyfriend thinks they are hideous.  In fact he doesn't even think they are normal human footwear.  You see, James calls these "moon boots".  

If I have them on and walk past him he quickly shouts
"where are you off to?" ...meaning what planet am I going to. 

One time he even took a picture of me walking through the room and zoomed in on my boots.  In the picture all you can see is one of my feet in the middle of taking a step, and the rest of my body is already through the doorway to the other room.  He sent the photo to me in a text and said "Heading to the moon."

I know, that's hilarious, right? But why do guys hate them so much? It's like they are intolerant of them.

Does anyone else have a man in their life that can't stand them?

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  1. Why do so many men refer to them as "moon boots"? I feel like almost every guy I have met calls them that. I don't have any UGGS anymore. Audrey chewed up my last pair but now I'm contemplating on buying another pair.


    1. I dont even buy the actual UGG brand but regardless - james isnt a fan haha

  2. since I heard they are cruel to lamb/sheep etc I don't buy them. But I don't think they look like moon boots lmao.

  3. I love them so, therefore, he loves them too. A few things really are that simple~ #luckyinlove


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