[20 SIGNS] That You're #ADULTING

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I know I know... I've already been complaining about the fact that I started adulting overnight after I had a "crazy" weekend at the bar last month.  But now I --really-- know that I'm an adult because #adulting is a very real thing to me. 

 So I figured that I can't possibly be alone in this.  You guys are all growing up too right?    I'm 29 right now - but I feel 40!    

People always say
 "How do you know when you're finally a mature adult?"

Well I have 20 signs that you're adulting. 

 //1//When Netflix and chill literally means – Netflix and chill.  And you've completely lost the ability to watch one episode per night.  Now it's binge-city for days on end until you're all caught up!
//2//You fold yoga pants UP over your gut, instead of down. What a wonderful invention! Who would want to fold them down, when you can fold them up and make it look like you don't have a food baby on the way?!
//3// Driving at night sucks.  Everyone’s lights are too bright and you can barely read the signs.  Yep we are THAT GUY, driving slow and squinting as we try to find our turn.  Don't forget to get in the right lane when you realize the guy behind you's lights are too bright.
//4//You start buying handbags that are practical.   They have a big strap drop to fit over your puffy coat, they can hold all your stuff, and they are easy to get into.
//5//One drink and you’re tired. Two drinks and you’re asleep. Three drinks and you might just sh*t your pants!
//6//When wearing makeup becomes a process that is only done for a worthy occasion. A hot hot hot date,  a photo session, or an interview.
//7//New years Eve plans now consist of a nice dinner, a single drink, and you falling asleep before the ball even drops. What a party animal you are!
//8//Your coworkers no longer refer to you as the baby of the office.  You see now, there are actually people in the office younger than you!
//9//You have been at your job for 10 years or more. And retirement thoughts are actually becoming a thing.
//10//You no longer need to call off sick from work because you went to the bar on a weeknight.  You won’t even GO to a bar on a weeknight.
//11//When you start hosting holidays in your own home. Yep, I'm a big kid now!
//12//A mortgage payment exists in your finances. So is a water bill, electric bill, and you can't stop bitching about overpriced cable.
//13//You cry at movies.  Not only at sad movies, but happy ones.   Yup - tears of joy. What the hell!?
//14//You crack and grunt when you move.  Your body cracks when you stand up.  Oh and your knees ache if you try to sit cross legged on the floor. And you grunt when you bend over to pick something up or when you try to hoist yourself up off the floor.
//15//You don’t have the energy to argue with people anymore. Drama Free Zone forreal!
//16//You're not down with any lingo. You don’t know what things like Bae and Fleek mean… because it’s lingo used by people younger than you.
//17//You find yourself saying “When I was growing up…”.  Also, things were much better when you were a kid right?
//18//You actually have medical issues now. Your stomach acts up, you have an ingrown toenail, and your teeth are no longer issue free at the dentist’s office.
//19// Good Housekeeping, Rachel Ray, Redbook – these magazines rule!!!! Where were they all your life?!

//20//Friday and Saturday nights are exciting! Not becase you're going out but because you can just lay around all night in your PJs without setting foot in a bar.

At least we are all in this together right?  

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  1. Totally on point! Except I still love my makeup no matter what. Seriously those, these are all so true. Adulting sucks!

  2. Ha ha ha ha I loved this post, Ellen!! Yup, you're an adult now!! I wonder when my daughters will get to this point? I'm going to share this with them!!

  3. I've been so sleepy after 2 glasses of wine lately...I have to plan around it now...like no, wait on the wine because your show is on at 10 tonight and you won't be awake if you start now...wahhh


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