My Weird "Thing" with Hair Ties {{+ a giveaway!}

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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I don't know if any of you have noticed but I ALWAYS have a hair tie on my wrist.  

Seriously. Ever since I can remember I have always had to have one on me in case I need it.  Throughout the day I often tie my hair back to keep it out of my face whether it's for 5 minutes (the walk to my parking garage) or for an hour during a workout. 

Just look at all the photos of me with a simple black hair tie on my wrist.

I told you!!

I am so weird sometimes but I just HAVE to have hair ties with me.   I do wear them quite often...for instance:

- working out
- running errands
- cooking
-walking to /from my parking garage for work
- non-hairwash days
And plenty of other random times. 

I often wonder how people can live their life without a hair tie on their wrist.  I'm not even kidding! I really do wonder that from time to time. 

Well Goody has went and made some gorgeous items that will look much better than plain old black on my wrist and in my hair.  Introducing the NEW Goody Winter Wonderland Collection!

These are perfect for holiday festivites or to gift as stocking stuffers.  The headwraps are soft and lacey and add some sparkle to any look.  I love the pastel elastics and the sparkly hair ties.   

The thing about the Goody Ouchless Winter Wonderland Elastics is that you get the same great hair tie and all day comfort.  They are made to last through 100 ponytails which is 10 times more ponytail per elastic.  So stocking up on these will last a fair amount of time. 

The Goody Ouchless Winter Wonderland Headwraps are soft and stretchy and are great for dressing a relaxed look up a bit.  They don't slide off my hair's a miracle!

The Goody Ouchless Winter Wonderland Ribbon Elastics are soft and stretchy and these are great to wear on your wrist when you don't want the look of a boring old hair tie.  They do a great job holding my thick hair back. 

They even have a Goody Winter Wonderland Value Pack that comes with 20 elastics, 4 ribbon elastics, and 10 bobby pins.   It only costs $5.49 so this is perfect for gifting.

And one lucky winner will get a sample pack from Goody!

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  1. You would probably love the headbands from Banded 2 Gether - I am ADDICTED to them - I must have about 20 now. I wear them about 4 times per week (different ones, of course, depending on my outfit that day!) and they do. not. move. They stay put!! And the other thing? No pain. No headache halfway through the day. Seriously - amazing!!

  2. Ohhh, I might have to get some of those for my own stocking. ;)


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