Holiday Gifting CAN Be A Breeze

Monday, December 21, 2015

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Tis the season for chaos!  Everyone is running around like a crazy person trying to get all their Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped, and ready for the big day.   Lately, I can't even run a quick errand without running into traffic or long lines at the checkout counter.  It's kind of a shame because when you let yourself get stressed out now, you miss out on enjoying the little things that happen during the holiday season.  You know, things like Santa coming around your neighborhood on a firetruck, Christmas lights, baking cookies, office parties, Christmas specials on TV, and enjoying putting decorations up inside your own home.

 Why do people get so stressed over gifting for the holidays? I've never understood it.  It's not that hard if you know what you're doing.  Half the time - the gift is already put together for you if you opt for some sort of gift set.   My holiday shopping has been a breeze because I was super smart about it.  Trying to figure out a gift for everyone is just exhausting but if you consider Coty Holiday Gift Sets, like I did, it really can make it easier on you. 

When it comes to my mom I always want to give her gifts that are practical and useful but something that still has a hint of luxury.  That's why I chose the Beyonce RISE Gift Set from CVS.   It ended up being one of the main gifts for her and I just got a few supplemental things to give the entire gift basket a "pampering" feel.  

I mean who can't use a sleep mask for when you decide to take a nap in the middle of the day (because you SO earned it)?  And a nail file and some pedicure accessories.  Everyone deserves to pamper themselves from the comfort of their own home so I figured my mom can do JUST that with these items.  And how about a nice cozy blanket for her to wrap up in while she simply relaxes? 

Beyonce always has such luxurious fragrances and my mom is someone who really deserves to relax and be pampered so I feel like this fragrance is a special treat.  Besides, of all the senses, smell is the most powerful and certain smells can even conjure up memories.   I wanted a fragrance that will remind my mom of a more relaxed time in her life.  And honestly, this and other COTY Holiday Gift Sets make it so easy to shop for your loved ones.  It's always nice to get a variety of items in the same set like lotion, body wash, and perfume. 

You can find the Beyonce and other Gift Sets in CVS as well as some other great pamper items! Find out even more ways you can give the gift of pleasant memories this holiday season!

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