Comfy & Casual for the Holidays {{+ a giveaway}}

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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So I like to keep it nice and casual even around the holidays. So my outfit of choice last week was an adorable comfy tee and a flannel shirt. 

 I know, maybe it's not everyone's thing but there's nothing better for me than a cute and silly shirt with a nice flannel over top. 

This shirt is the I Am Not A Morning Person Tee from Awesome Best Friends Tees!  I love their website! Not only do they actually have matching tees for people to wear together but they have catchy cute phrases and a few different styles of shirts. 

Shirts like this are perfect when you are worried that a plain tee is too casual.  Sometimes a few words is enough to off set the plain look and give some style to your outfit. 

So What I Wore:
Flannel- Maurices

Jeans - Lee Jeans
Shirt - Awesome Best Friends Tees

And one lucky winner is going to get a tee shirt of their choice as well! 
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  1. you can never go wrong with a comfy outfit

  2. Cute outfit! I really should go back to wearing flannels again. I only have one but today when I was at Maurice's, I looked at some. :)


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