5 Ways to Keep Your Home Prepared for Unexpected Guests {{+ a giveaway}}

Monday, December 14, 2015

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Ah tis the season for crazy schedules.   

Parties, photos, shopping trips, decorating, wrapping gifts, and more.  

We are all busy these days and with Christmas around the corner, it's important to make sure you are prepared for random visits from guests at any time without having to stress out and clean like a mad(wo)man! 

But what if I told you that you didn't have to freak out each time it happened?  It would totally be okay for your neighbor to stop in and give you some cookies and you don't have to act like a psychopath trying to guard the clutter corners of your house.   

My home is always ready for random unexpected visits from people and here's how I do it. 

//1//Once a Week Cleaning
I dust, vacuum, and wipe the counters in my house down once a week.  I even clean the bathrooms once a week.  This way, if anyone stops over the most mess they'll see is a week's worth which is totally normal for most homes.   If you let it go for a whole month it's harder to use the excuse "sorry we weren't expecting company" because the clutter piles will likely be huge!

//2//Drinks on Hand
Always have extra refreshments in your home so you can offer them to guests - which is always the polite thing to do for a guest.   Water bottles in the fridge are perfect and so is wine!  Even if your guest says "no thanks" it still shows them that you know how to host even when it's not a planned thing.

Candles are a lifesaver.  I always have candles burning in my home each and every day. It really helps any room smell fresher.  Once you let your spur-the-moment guest in, grab a lighter and light the candles!

//4// A Pet Hair Brush
If you're like me and you have dogs that you let on the couch (because they deserve it, duh!) then you definitely worry about pet hair when guests arrive.  It's like "Hey, welcome! Sit down and get dog hair all over your pants, yea!".  I use a pet hair brush that I easily stash away when I'm done.   It literally takes less than a minute to use it on a daily basis so my couch is always guest ready!

//5//Decorative Baskets
These can be your best friend (or your worst enemy if you never use them).  Since the coffee table in our living room has become a catch all of computer charging cords and magazines, I use the Large Magazine Basket from Honey Can Do to quickly stash everything out of the way if someone comes over. The heavy duty frame lets this basket hold anything from books and magazines to my laptop! I love baskets so much I use them for everything - dog toys, counter clutter in the kitchen, and even remote control storage! 

And one lucky winner will get a Large Magazine Basket from Honey Can Do as well! 
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  1. Great tips. I love always having nice smelling candles on hand.

  2. these are such great ideas! definitely could have used them this past weekend!

    1. aww thanks helene! I'm totally stoked you stopped by my blog! THank you it means a lot :)

  3. Your little dog - OMG can I please take her home with me? She's too cute lying on the sofa pillow - aren't they so spoiled? My pups also!!

    1. Let's just say if i were a dog, i'd want to live with me haha

  4. Love the pet hair brush idea! My little chihuahua sheds more than I ever thought possible! lol!


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