How to Improve Your Instagram as a Blogger

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Social media is everything these days, and if you aren't doing it right, you won't be getting the attention and following that your blog and your brand need.  Instagram can be a tricky thing because it doesn't allow you to include links in your photo captions.  This means that you need to use it properly so that your followers grow, and you get organic interactions from the people that follow you.

[1] Posting Everyday
It's okay to post everyday, but when you post similar photos all in the same day, or even in the same hour, it's kind of (VERY) obnoxious.   Some people unfollow a person just for that reason.   Make sure you do post on a regular basis but don't overdo it.  Say you have an outfit photo that you love and you want to share it, just pick your favorite photo or the one that best shows off what you want to share (the shoes, the hair, etc.) and post that one.

[2] Quality Photos
If your photo is blurry or dark, don't bother posting it.  Take good quality photos for your Instagram.   Make sure you have good lighting so the photos are bright and white.  If you are taking photos of an object, use a decent background like a white furry blanket, or white foam board.  It makes a huge difference, seriously.   There are all kinds of tips and tricks for backdrops. Some bloggers use a blanket and some even use faux marble adhesive wallpaper on a poster board.   The more attractive your photo is, the more likely it is to get liked and the more likely people are to follow you if they see you regularly post nice photos.

[3] Meal Photos
Pictures of your food are great but make sure, once again that they are bright, and that you arrange the food in an attractive way.  Also, a photo of your table set up (wine glass to the side, pretty silverware in front) always helps.  This is called staging a photo.

[4] Selfies
Selfies are fine (as long as you don't have 10 in a row). If someone goes to your feed and sees several selfies in a row, especially in the same outfit, I can almost guarantee you that they won't become a new follower. 

[5] Interact
Like other photos, leave (RELEVANT) comments on other people's photos.   The people on their page, may see your comment and head over to check you out.  Find new people to follow.

[6] Profile Photo
Make sure your profile photo is clear, bright, and attractive so that other people stay interested and visit your page.  Head shots work great, especially with a light background. 

[7] A Good Blurb
Make sure you have a nice summary of yourself on your profile.  Keep it simple yet fun.   Mine says:

Make sure your blurb lets people know what they will find on your Instagram.  Include a link to your blog if you have one.

[8] Hashtags
Hashtags are awesome but you have to know how to use them.  There's ways to look up what the top hashtags are but you want to make sure you use relevant ones.   Say you have an outfit of the day photo may want to use the following: #IGFASHION #OOTD #OUTFIT #FASHION #INSTAFASHION #FASHIONBLOGGER 

Look at what other people use on similar photos and use those hashtags as well.  I have a note in my phone that has my entire list of hashtags for the different types of photos I post so I just copy and paste that each time I post. 

[9] Respond to Comments
If someone comments on a photo, respond to it. Either thank them, or add more to the conversation.  Make sure you tag them with the @ sign, so they can see that you responded. 

[10] Advertise Blog Posts
If you want to attract visitors to your blog from your Instagram, try posting a nice photo from that day's blog post and invite them to visit the page for more.  Caption it like: "Today on the blog, a look at the best layered looks for Fall. Link in profile!"  That way they know to click on the link in your IG profile to get to your blog.

What other Instagram tips do you follow?

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  1. I defintely agree on the multiple times a day/everyday and the same thing. It gets old. Especially if it's of themselves and all of these elated photos of themselves, like look at me with this tree, and this bush, and this branch etc.

    I try to get better photos with instagram, but half the time my photos are on the whim (got a moving toddler.)

    Definitely agree with the hashtags too! Not only should you know the relevants ones, but limit yourselves on the usage, I swear some people have 10 plus on their photo.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    1. Yea I know hashtags can be a great way to grow your blog but i mean honestly... do you really need hashtags like #hot #Cool #love hahah

  2. Great advice! I must admit that although I understand in the blogging world and celebrity world "staging" is a big part of most pictures, I really enjoy seeing the candid, non-staged photos. Like I would much rather see people laughing and having a good time, rather than a bunch of stiff, staged photos.

  3. thanks Ellen I desperately need these tips because my instagram is sadly lacking. I need to pay more attention to it. I DO have a do people get photos that are on their BLOG on Instagram? I take a photo with my phone and edit it on ribbet, picmonkey or something like that, the original in the phone isn't edited. How do I get the actual photo from the BLOG on to instagram? catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Just open up your web browser on your phone, and go to your blog, then click the photo and save it to your phone, then you can share it on instagram.
      Email the photo to yourself and open the email on your phone and save the photo from there. Let me know if you need more help Caren! :)


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