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Sunday, December 27, 2015

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I have been making a very conscious effort to be more present in every moment.  I am so used to just rushing through life to get things done and make the most of my time.  There's nothing wrong with that except that it's so crucial to enjoy every little part of your daily life. 
The first thing I did was get a nice fluffy poof and some body wash from Walmart.  I love being able to scrub my body and exfoliate which helps me enjoy the moment.  It also makes me feel as if I'm scrubbing the day's stress away! 


So I started using all NEW Zest FruitBoost Shower Gel from Walmart and I love it. I got Peach Mango and it smells so fruity and invigorating.  I love the tube it comes in too! It's so easy to hold...I have tendency to drop everything in the shower which kind of messes up my zen moment. 

I really do love this stuff! I'm also someone that is very into how things smell so the scent helps me focus and relax.

I also make sure I have a beautiful shower curtain to look at.  It helps set the mood of relaxation and I feel very calm.  I love nature and artistic stuff so this artsy elephant really makes me smile!

And of course I have super soft towels that I got from Walmart and they really let me enjoy drying off. Sometimes I stay wrapped in them for an hour after my shower!

You can find Zest FruitBoost Shower Gels in Walmart. Be sure to use this coupon for $1 off!  It was so easy for me to find them and I love that there were a few different scent options to pick from. 

It's really easy to be more present when you have the right things surrounding you!

One lucky winner is going to win a Zest Fruitboost Shower Gel for themself! 

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  1. Your shower curtain reminds me of a picture in one of those adult coloring books. :)


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