I and Love and You [30-Day Challenge] // PART 2 // Progress + Improvements

Monday, December 21, 2015

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Welcome back to the 30-Day Challenge.  As you read in the First Thoughts post, Chewy.com is one of my favorite companies that I've ever worked with on this blog.  So when I got the opportunity to do a 30-Day Challenge with them for a brand of dog food known as I and Love and You, of course I said yes.   So for 30 days (at least) I'm feeding my dogs I and Love and You Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food in the Chicken and Duck flavor. 

My dogs are like my children so it's no surprise that I care a lot about what they are eating and what goes into their body.  I am so impressed with the ingredients in I and Love and You dog foods and I had no reservations going into this challenge.

So far so good in this household.  I've noticed there is less itchiness with my pups.  About a month ago they seemed to have dry skin and were itching themselves all the time.  That also led to a lot of shedding and little furballs (I call them tumbleweeds!) but I've noticed a decrease in them and the itching.  

Their stools are twice a day and very healthy/firm.  That's always a good sign with dogs.  And honestly I truly have noticed that they are doing less "poos" a day than normal which means their body is absorbing more nutrients from this food.  When you feed a nutritionally dense food to your pets, their body has less of it to pass through as junk!  I am so impressed with their energy levels too.  They are constantly playing and wrestling and they just love to interact with each other and with me.  I love that they are getting good nutrients and vitamins from their food that allow them to be healthy and full of life. 

Another HUGE thing is that they are full after they eat until their next meal.  Before, they were always crying and begging for more food.  Now they actually seem satisfied which means their food is nutritionally dense. 

I can't wait to see how the next week goes and then I'll post the final part - my overall thoughts! 

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  1. Your little babies are just so adorable!!!! Those little faces - I could just squish them!!


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