I and Love and You [30-Day Challenge] // PART 3 // Final Thoughts

Thursday, December 31, 2015

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Welcome back to the 30-Day Challenge.  As you read in the First Thoughts post, I was really excited to start feeding my dogs I and Love and You Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food in the Chicken and Duck flavor.  My second post covered the improvements I've seen.  So I wanted to do a third and final post with my thoughts about this food and my plans for the future.  I honestly love this food.  My dogs scarf it down and I love all the improvements I've seen.  Since it's been a full month and I am already seeing such great results, I do plan to keep them on this food. 

Grace has great energy levels and she hasn't been licking her feet like she used to which leads me to believe there was an ingredient in her other foods in the past that irritated her skin and fur.  

 Stella has such a beautiful coat and it is even shinier than it's ever been.  She doesn't itch herself nearly as much which means there are less furballs flying around the hardwood floors! 

Pixie is 10 years old but now has the energy and stamina of a puppy. She plays fetch all the time now and she doesn't get out of breathe like she used to. 

Rocky has always struggled with getting enough protein in his diet and the vet wanted him to keep his weight up.  He's maintained his weight on I and Love and You and he loves eating. He's no longer finicky.

 The fact that they are pooping less, absorbing more nutrients, and have great energy levels makes me confident that it's the best choice for them.  I love that my babies all have soft and silky coats and they aren't shedding like crazy like they have in the past.  Normally I don't see results this fast or this good so I'm so excited and I stand confidently behind I and Love and You Dog Food! 

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  1. Such cuties and they are all so different! What lucky babies- I wish them and you a lot of fun and health in the new year :)

  2. Happy New Year!



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