[WEIRD] Things That Bloggers DO

Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm sure I do a lotta weird stuff as a blogger.  And people that aren't bloggers or don't know that I'm a blogger probably can't understand.  

Now, maybe I'm alone on this (wow that would be embarassing!) but these are just some of the many weird things bloggers do.

Take Photos of Ourselves\\ Dude, you have no idea how nervous I get when I try to pose in front of my tripod in order to get an outfit photo. I strategically wait for all the cars on my street to pass by, and if a jogger is going by, I quickly pretend as if I'm taking a photo of something else.  I just feel like I should have a sign nearby that says [I'm not vain, it's for my blog!]

We Can't JUST EAT\\ Nope, if my food looks good I have to take it into the right light to get a photo first.  And if I'm out to eat, I sit there and arrange things on the table so I can have an impressive photo for Instagram

We <3 BLOGGERS\\ I seriously swoon over other bloggers.  Sometimes I wish they were BFFs with me in real life (I do have a few that are very close with me and I met 2 of my besties from blogging) but no one understands our life like another blogger. Imagine if you had a neighbor that blogged.  Imagine how interesting your sidewalk chats would be!  Sometimes I try to find [creep on] other blogger's on ALL social media channels just to see how much cooler their blog life is than mine. 

I Should Blog That!\\ Oh come on, you've all been in a position where you see a cool product and you start thinking "I bet I could collaborate them and get some cool free stuffs!"

Random Inspo\\ Sometimes I'll be in the checkout line getting groceries and I think of an insanely good blog post idea, or a catchy title to a post I already drafted. I either find a piece of paper to scribble down the idea, or I quickly type it into my phone and text it to myself. If I ever died and someone found my phone, they would probably be like Ummmm, why is she talking to herself and making random lists (5 Ways to ...).   So if that ever happens, please explain to people that I'm not crazy, I'm just a blogger!

Stupid Selfies\\ You know what I mean...the ones that never make it to your IG but you took it in the heat of the moment because your eye makeup looked good, but as soon as you took it you were like EW.  {I LOOK CONSTIPATED}

OH This would Be a Cool FOOT SHOT\\ Sometimes I'll be holding a pretty mug and my boots are on point and then I'm like "OMG I need to take a FO-TO of me holding my mug with the sidewalk and my boots in the background".   I mean, it's cool right?  

IG Lusting\\ You know you do it too.  There are some gorgeous girls with impeccable style and you just oogle over their posts. 

IG Creepin\\ Did you ever //& I mean EVER\\ go on someone's IG and try to go back to their first posts ever?  Like come on, this girl's gorgeous but before she was a fancy blogger I know she looked like me, HA! 

Now come on - I can't be alone with these...right? RIGHT?!

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  1. I do a lot of these too. So your not alone


  2. Ha ha you are just too funny!! I'm a new blogger but I do find myself doing some of these things, for sure!! And post ideas come to me at the most random times! I haven't gotten to fashion posts yet but perhaps if oops I mean WHEN I lose ten lbs... :)


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