2 Places that Caster Wheels Help

Monday, March 11, 2019

In a commercial setting especially, very heavy objects can be a nuisance to move. Often it is more than just the sheer weight, but bulkiness, size and price come into the equation too. For pieces that are weighty but require the capability to move as well, consider attaching some caster wheels to them.
The ability to slide rather than push makes moving otherwise impossible items much so much easier. The following 2 types of business in particular can benefit from the use of casters on equipment:


Thanks to the seemingly never-ending supply of machinery and tooling found in commercial garages, mobility is essential for the safety and efficiency of mechanics. Equipment, gear, and tools are commonly shared between workers in the shop. Some garage items that work well with industrial steel caster wheels on them include:
-Toolboxes. This doesn’t mean the small handheld kind with the single flimsy latch. Industrial toolboxes can weigh upwards of 1,800 pounds empty and thousands of pounds while full. Mounting a box on wheels makes sense for a mechanic who needs the ability to work on many things at once.-Workbenches. Like toolboxes, mobility is essential for workbenches. Mechanics need a steady surface on which to lie tools, rags, and equipment. Benches need to be heavy-duty to ensure safety and durability, so caster wheels are a smart solution.

Janitorial Areas

Specialty hardware and supplies that custodians use on the daily are often unwieldy and impractical to move from place to place. Casters can greatly help with items that are too large or too heavy to move without help. Here are some great places custodians can use caster wheels to help make their jobs easier:
-Commercial garbage cans. At most businesses, custodians will go from room to room emptying all the smaller cans into a single larger one. Putting the large garbage can on wheels and walking with it to each room makes for a more efficient nightly trash cleanup.
-Ladders. Very tall ladders are difficult to move all alone. Attach casters to the sides of such ladders (not the feet) to roll them from place to place if nobody is around to help move them.

Specialty equipment and tools can be very difficult to move properly, but thankfully caster wheels exist to make the job easier. All businesses can benefit from their use, but some could use the help in much higher doses than others.

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