Critical Signs Your Hearing Loss Is Getting Worse

Monday, March 18, 2019

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Hearing loss affects more than 80 million people living in the US and more than 400 million worldwide. It’s one of the top morbidities worldwide, yet gets paid very little attention in the media.
It’s not just a condition of the elderly either: it’s something that can affect you at any stage of life, including in your 20s and 30s.

Hearing loss can result from all kinds of situations. Many younger people who would never imagine suffering hearing loss often find that they lose their hearing following exposure to loud noises. If you regularly attend concerts or work in a noisy environment, then you could be a prime candidate for losing your hearing.

So what are the signs that you have hearing loss? And when should you pop along to your audiologist for a hearing aid evaluation? Let’s take a look.

You Have To Turn The Sound Up On The TV
Next time you find yourself having to turn the sound up on the TV, ask yourself whether you now have to listen at a higher volume to get the same audible experience. The great thing about TVs is that they provide a benchmark against which to measure your hearing. A volume of “30,” for instance, is constant: if the TV sounds quieter at 30, it’s not the TV that has changed, but your hearing.

You Find Yourself Asking People To Repeat Themselves
People suffering from hearing loss often find it difficult to concentrate on particular conversations, especially in noisy rooms. Chatter coming in from all directions distorts the noise coming out of the mouth of the person in front of you, making it more difficult to interpret. Not being able to hear what a person is saying forces you to ask them to repeat themselves.

Although this might sound like a minor thing, it can turn into a significant social issue. Usually, it’s not so much the negative reaction of the person you’re speaking to being asked to repeat themselves, but your own fear of placing an additional burden on them. In general, you’d rather avoid asking people to repeat themselves if you can help it. Many people with hearing loss start to avoid social situations in general which leads to anxiety and depression.
You Hear A Ringing Noise In Your Ears
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Tinnitus - often described as a “ringing” in the ears - is a condition that can affect anyone at any time. It is, however, more common among people who have some kind of hearing loss. In some cases, the ringing is believed to be the auditory cortex’s response to a lack of stimulation. Sound doesn’t pass from the middle ear to the brain’s sound processing apparatus, so it begins to make up its own noises, much to the dismay of the person affected.

The good news is that tinnitus can be treated through a combination of hearing aids and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hearing loss is a common condition that can affect anyone at any age. You might think that you’re too young, but you’re not. Hearing loss can become a problem from any age.

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  1. I honestly feel like my hearing got worse after having a kid. It's like all that baby screaming and now it's toddler screaming. I feel like I'm constantly asking my husband to repeat himself! I went to concerts when I was younger but I did wear ear plugs a lot. Could be that too.


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