How Could You Start Loving The Skin You're In?

Monday, March 11, 2019

People often talk about the importance of loving the skin you’re in, but it’s hard to do so in practice. We’re all more critical of our own appearances than any other person. We all see flaws in the mirror that nobody else can see. But the key to loving your appearance is about loving yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re vain if you appreciate your natural beauty or style; it means you appreciate yourself, and that’s essential to living a happy life. So, how could you start loving the skin you’re in? This article has a few suggestions that might just put you on the right track.

Take sleep seriously.
You might think that people are just looking for an excuse for a lie-in when they talk about beauty sleep, but there’s immense truth to the beauty benefits of sleeping well. Again, we’re not talking about beauty in a vain sense; we’re talking about your physical wellbeing. Getting enough rest keeps your immune system working well and even aids your metabolism. You’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight if you get enough rest (and eat well, of course). But sleeping well can also improve your mental health. By reducing stress and anxiety, your outward appearance will improve as a result. Our bodies are remarkable things; our appearance tells us a lot about our health. By sleeping properly, you might be able to reduce acne and improve your overall skin quality. There are plenty of reasons to get a good night’s rest. If you’re struggling to doze off then get some help.

Reinvent your wardrobe.
Your fashion also plays a big part in loving your appearance. Obviously, your clothes aren’t part of your natural appearance, but the outfits you choose to wear can certainly complement your natural appearance. You might want to reinvent your wardrobe if you’re not inspired by your current pick of clothes. That doesn’t mean you should always be throwing out clothes and buying new ones; fast fashion isn’t ethical or healthy on a personal level. Your goal is to create outfits that suit your body. Well-fitted clothing works well. Obviously, you shouldn’t wear clothes that fit too tightly, but an outfit that looks tailor-made to your physique will always look more stylish than a shapeless outfit. That doesn’t mean loose clothing is unstylish, but there needs to be some shape to your outfit. For instance, a loose dress should be accessorized with a fashionable belt to hug it into your figure. You might want to check out the best online boutique for accessories if you’re uninspired by your current options. A good wardrobe full of stylish options can really help you to start loving the skin you’re in.

Focus on your identity.
This can be the hardest part of loving the skin you’re in. After all, most of us struggle with our identities for our entire lives. But figuring out who you are is a big part of learning to love yourself, both inside and out. And if you want to improve your appearance then you should be aiming to create an appearance that appeals to your personality and preferences. Forget what anyone else thinks. Feeling happy with the reflection in the mirror is about what you want. Who do you want to be? Your appearance and your clothing are both representations of your individuality. As discussed in the previous point, your wardrobe is more important to loving the skin you’re in than you might fully appreciate. It’s an extension of you. That doesn’t mean your style has to be fixed; it just means that you should express yourself in a way that suits your identity. That might mean wearing or not wearing makeup. It might mean that you wear certain patterns or use certain accessories and jewelry. The point is that loving the skin you’re in is about focusing on your identity.

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  1. I feel kind of dense but it wasn't until recently I really read/understood that proper rest can help with weight loss! This never occurred to me before. I've been more mindful of getting enough sleep now as I've been working out, cleaning up my diet and trying to drop a few pounds. I think the sleep will continue to help me with my goals.

    1. It makes suuuuuuch a huge difference especially the older you get lol!

  2. Getting a good night sleep can do so much for your body.


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