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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Yea, so I got a new car!   It was time for my gorgeous Cuppy to go.  I have always been so loyal to Honda so it was no surprise I ended up with a 2019 Honda Civic Sport Sedan. My 2006 Civic had 122k miles on her and she was 13 years old.  I got her when she had just 4,848 miles on her.  She was a great car and did not disappoint.  But she's been getting creakier, clunkier, rustier, and she's SO OUTDATED when it comes to technology.

It was time.   ((Cue dramatic sniffling))

Saying goodbye to my 2006!

On to more reliable and more technologically up to date things, lol! 

 Look at how much dog hair is already on the seat just from me sitting there for 2 days haha!

Faulkner Honda of Harrisburg was super helpful when it came to getting a new car and I love their staff! 

In other news - Rocky had his six month heart check up and for the third year in a row there are no changes and his heart's stable.  He's in great healthy lately and soooo energetic.   I'm once again relieved. 

So in an effort to be more budget friendly, I'm trying to stretch my hair color appointments as far as I can and I'm using John Frieda Vibrancy Enhancing Conditioner, which you can find on Amazon, to keep my color vibrant for longer. My color is still dark and not fading yet all thanks to this conditioner.   It helps lock in the color and protects it from fading thanks to Babassu Oil which is super fun to say! 

Also - I'm obsessed with these totes! They are great in my new car when it comes to groceries and stuff! They're Eco-Baskets from CleverMade and they come in a pack of 3.  They are perfect for avoiding plastic bags and carrying your goods in a MUCH more sturdy bag.

I like them mostly because they're flop-free so they won't spill over when they're in your backseat, your trunk, or sitting on your counter waiting to be unpacked.  You can actually transport up to 25 pounds of your favorite goods in them and when you're done, you can collapse them flat (takes up so little space) and store them. 

You can carry them by the shoulder strap OR the top handles, depending on what's more  comfortable for you.  They're not just economical but honestly, I'd much rather carry my library books (there's always a ton of them), my dog supplies for trips, and my groceries in these than ANYTHING else because they're soooo sturdy and upright. Look for them in select Walmart stores in April or buy them directly from CleverMade! 

So that's basically been my life lately.  I've found a few cool products, Rocky is healthy and happy, and I GOT A NEW FREAKIN CAR!!!

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Congrats on your new car.


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