Why Video Advertising is Important for Your Marketing Plan

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

You may notice that video ads are appearing everywhere these days and that's for good reason.  The internet is huge and basically everyone uses it for every thing they can.  So it's no surprise that any good business that wants to market itself needs to embrace the growing opportunity for video advertising.  Here's why it's so important to get started with video production for your marketing plan.  

1. The audience has to do less work. 

They don't need to read anything or watch a 5 minute lecture when it comes to a video ad.   They can grasp the concept you're trying to share with them in 15-30 seconds simply by watching and listening.  That means you can make big pieces of text and key words flash on the screen along with vivid colors and great music or a voice over to capture their focus. 

2. You have a better device reach.
Gone are the days of TV and radio advertising only.  Now your audience can see your ads from their smart phone, their desktop, their laptop, and their tablet.  They can be traveling across the country playing a game on their phone when your advertisement appears.  Since mobile technology is so portable, so is your marketing strategy. 

3. You can make a more attractive advertisement. 
Not only can you use vivid bright colors, fun patterns, and attractive individuals but you can also play upbeat music and create an overall FEEL GOOD ad.   That can be a lot harder to capture in just one single magazine spread. 

4. It's easier to go viral. 
If someone loves a video advertisement you have on a social media channel, they can share it in a split second.  It can keep on spreading again and again and you don't have to do any of the work.  By creating a viral video, it's much easier for people to talk about by sharing the video rather than just trying to describe an advertisement they saw on a billboard. 

5. People have short attention spans.
If you haven't noticed already - TV commercials get quicker and quicker.  So much seems to happen in them.  That's because we as humans struggle to pay attention unless something's REALLY interesting.  So the quicker your content gets across the main important points, the better.  Make sure the point you're get across is clear whether it's with the words you use, the actions of the individuals in your video, or the product you show.  

I personally think video advertising is here to stay.  Commercials have already been around for decades and decades.  Online video advertising just keeps growing and now with social media more popular than ever, it seems to be a channel for advertising that just keeps on growing.  Video advertising will not go away anytime soon.  The best part is, you can also choose a target audience based on the demographics, internet and media behavior, and internet activity of your viewers.   

So if you haven't incorporated video advertising and video production into your marketing plan for your product or business, you really need to consider it.

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