Maximizing Space in A Tiny Bathroom

Monday, March 18, 2019

I always get so starry eyed when I see people's bathrooms that are literally the size of a small bedroom.  But then I remind myself, I'm just one person and it's only me and my husband in this house so while a huge bathroom COULD be nice, it's not necessary.  

That being said, a lot of people have tiny bathrooms and struggle to store and organize things in a neat way.  They also struggle with styling and cleaning a tiny bathroom so today's post is a few ways to maximize your limited space! 

Bins and baskets not only add a little decor to your bathroom but they're functional and practical since they actually store stuff.  You can look around your house for ones you already own or get some cheap ones at the local dollar store.  I keep wash cloths in a basket on the top shelf of this over the toilet storage piece.  Then I have some small personal care appliances like facial cleansing buffers and my electric razor in the metal bin.  At eye level you can't see what's in it so to a guest in my home my bathroom is neat and tidy.  Wink wink. 
Bright colors can take away from the small size of your bathroom and the tiny sink and minuscule counter space.  Bright colors distract right away.   I use a bright and colorful shower curtain because when people walk in, that's ALWAYS what they notice and comment on first.  They never mention that it's a tiny bathroom.  places where you can add bright color are the walls, counter, bath mats, shower curtain, and towels.  
If you have a tiny bathroom you likely have a tiny medicine cabinet but that's okay because if you only keep what you use and need you should be able to fit it all in.  When it comes to tiny things like tweezers and nail clippers, if you don't have drawers (like I don't) then you can just add them into a little container and stand them upright in the medicine cabinet.  I've seen people just lay the items in the cabinet and I'm telling you the second you're in a hurry you're going to knock everything out of there.  This little mini glass flower pot is from the dollar store. 
When you have limited space, you can't afford clutter. Do not store anything besides soap, toothbrushes, and a piece of decor on your counter top.  The more stuff you permanently store on their, the harder it makes it to clean because you won't feel like taking everything off PLUS you're more likely to knock stuff over.  Nothing's worse than accidentally knocking your toothbrush into the toilet, trust me, I've been there.  


So when it comes to certain things that MUST stay in the bathroom but also are hard to display nicely or store in an organized manner (shaving supplies) my best advice is to just keep it all together in one bin.  So here's an electric shaver kit, paper towels (to cover the sink area, lol!),  and some other shaving supplies that my husband uses.  This way, when he needs to get it out he can just pull the entire storage bin out, root around, and then put it back when he's done.  So it's okay if your spouse or kids don't keep up with your methods of organizing to a tee, just make it a bit easier for them. 

I hope these little hacks can help you with your tiny bathroom! 


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