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Friday, March 29, 2019

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Planning your Wedding does NOT have to be an expensive nightmare.  All you have to do is plan it out and do so within specific time frames.  The only way to successfully accomplish that is to have a planning system set up that keeps you organized and motivated.  Trust me, I know because I planned my own wedding for under $2,500. So today, I have a super fun Wedding Planning Box to show you! 

If you love subscription boxes - you're gonna LOVE Pollyanna Planning Kit! Each box comes with an awesome USB drive that serves as a planning tool with different spreadsheets, templates, and checklists to help keep your organized in an affordable way. 

Let me remind you that there is A LOT that goes into planning a wedding.  You need to worry about dresses, bridal party members, venues, hair and makeup, invites, save the dates, photographers, music, food, a registry, alcohol, the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, and much much more.  You can't do it alone - that's why you need a good system in place. 

Each kit also contains a planning checklist in digital and book form which offers a year-long checklist.  There are so many things to worry about doing along the way that having them already noted on a list is going to make it much easier for you to cover ALL bases.  

There are great tips along the way in the planning checklist that help simplify everything and save you money on your big day!   When planning something as special as your wedding day, you NEED to get everything down on paper and stay inspired.  This little workbook even has pages for you to color!  Which reminds me, don't become miserable and stressed when planning - remember to do fun little mindless things along the way whether it's a girl's night in or just some coloring and cookie eating to relax you. 

You'll also get a candle (it smelled frickin amazing!) , an essential oil (meant to help you focus and stay calm), a dessert treat, handwritten notes, temporary tattoos and a DIY project to help you practice your crafting skills for your big day.  

The resources this box provides are SO HELPFUL!   The Pollyanna Wedding Planning Box costs $179 and can be purchased on ETSY here.

The book has some awesome ideas for dresses, venues, and the vendors mentioned in the planning kit can be contacted nationwide.  If you purchase the box you'll even get 5% off any event planning packages.  

Of course the cookie was adorable and delicious and the temporary tattoos make the whole wedding planning process more fun for any Bride-to-Be! 

The vendors in this box are the following: Brooklyn Candle Studio, Simply Earth Essential Oil, Cookies for A Cause, Write Pretty For Me.  

This is a super cool opportunity for you to get a kick start on your wedding planning and get help along the way! 

Also - use code "sharethelove" on their Etsy Shop and get 15% off their planning kit! 

Are you ready to start planning your big day? 


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