5 Things To Do Around Your Home When You Unplug for A Day

Friday, March 8, 2019

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Did you know March 1st was the National Day of Unplugging?  Well it got me thinking about how productive you can actually be if you remove the digital distractions just for ONE day.  That's all.  24 hours.   And you're asleep for some of that time so really it's not even that many hours that you have to make the conscious effort.  

So whether you just wanna see what it's like to unplug for a full day or if you have things you want to get done and finally have a legit reason to unplug, so you can get them done - here are 5 things you can do around your home when you unplug for an entire day. 

Organize Paper Clutter

The office or "paper" area of our home can be super cluttered and overwhelming.  Sure, you keep important papers but can you actually find one in less than 5 minutes when you need it?  If the answer is no, then you should probably declutter and organize your office space.  

I start by making piles and emptying every single part of the room/house that has paper.  Then I start sorting one by one.  I group like items together and recycle/trash/shred any that I can get rid of.  If it's something you can scan and store digitally (Of course not today because you're unplugged!) then make a pile of items to be scanned.  

When you've sorted through everything you can begin to organize and store it in a way that makes sense to you. That means it's a great time to go shopping for or use the items you've recently purchased for organize paper and office supplies.  I love my Mindspace Inclined File Organizer because I can see all my files and grab them easily.  Mesh decor and storage solutions is my go to for my office because it's a neutral yet modern style of decor that will likely always be in style. 

Declutter Your Closet (or the entire home!) 
So, obvoisuly the KonMari method is all the rage but if you don't want to deal with doing your whole house, the closet is an amazing place to start decluttering and organizing.  

I have a free KonMari Checklist too!  

Basically all you have to do is empty your closet and dresser drawers and anywhere you have your clothing and place it all in a huge pile. Go through each item one by one to determine if you want to keep, toss, or donate.  Don't go through your clothing while it's still in the closet because I'm telling you it makes a difference. When you see the amount of stuff you have all spilled out on your bed, it makes it so much more clear to you that you have A LOT of stuff and it SHOULD make it easier to sort through!  

Don't be afraid to try stuff on and have your own mini fashion show as you purge the things you don't wear or enjoy anymore.  I put music on and grab a glass of wine and make a celebration out of it. 

Start Meal Planning
You can use this post about how to start meal planning to get you started and you'll definitely want to make sure you go through your cupboards and fridge to see what excess or soon-to-expire items you have that you need to use up.   You can make your own calendar, use a spare calendar you have sitting around, or use the free printable weekly or monthly meal planners in my Home Management Binder that you can get sent your inbox immediately! 

Deep Clean Your Home
Scrub high and low.  Dust and wipe down baseboards, vacuum the corners of the ceiling, wipe down your walls, wash the windows inside and out, and scour your fridge.  Today is the day to do ALL THE THINGS!!! 

Sit down and make a list of every single thing you want to get done in your home, even the most tedious of tasks that you normally put off.  Then get to work!  You'll probably notice how much more productive you are when you don't get the temptation to check your phone.  

When you're all done light a candle, grab a book, and RELAX!! 

Collect Spare Change From Your Home
Some of y'all have a ridiculous amount of money hidden in drawers, jars, and pocket sand if you scour your house top to bottom to gather it all, and take it to the bank or one of those coin casher machines you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you have.  

Seriously, just look around and see what you have.  Take it up to cash in and then celebrate however much it is, small or large amount! 

So are you gonna do it?! Are you gonna unplug and get stuff done?! 


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  1. I feel like I always default to cleaning which is lame and doesn't provide me self-care. Lately I restarted a home notebook and a garden notebook with the intention of working on paper (instead of digital) planning out and accomplishing projects. I also have a day planner and will work on filling that out / planning which is a nice paper hobby to have.

    1. yea if you don't feel better from cleaning then def try something different. I personally enjoy cleaning because it de stresses me to wipe down counters hahaha

  2. I have been doing a lot of declutching lately. I currently have 2 bag to take to goodwill.



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