Making Peace With Yourself

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Finding inner peace is one of those impossible challenges that probably sits on the list of to-do just between riding a unicorn and seeing if the clouds do, indeed, taste of vanilla cotton candy. It’s an inaccessible dream, an insurmountable mountain, and you’ve long accepted your position. There can be no inner peace, or so you think.

In reality, the path to making peace with yourself is paved with obstacles which you might not be aware of. These roadblocks can be avoided – or even destroyed – but you need to take the first step towards them. One of the common issues when it comes to managing our inner turmoils is an overwhelming sense of passiveness. When you only focus on experiencing the emotional response to an obstacle, you can be easily distracted from the actual problem you need to tackle. Indeed, feeling anxious about yourself or your situation is a response to a specific event. But if you let the anxiety take over, it can take your attention away from the real rockblock, which, in this case, is the reason why you are feeling anxious. The path to inner peace is not smooth. But as you get to examine your emotions and work on them, you can gradually remove the obstacles. Breathe in, and start the arduous journey of making peace with your mind and body.

There is more to you than physical flaws

What do you see when you stand in front of the mirror?
Most people prefer to look away at first. They are worried about noticing all the imperfections that make them unique, whether it’s a mole on the face, their pear-shaped silhouette, or even the width of their nose. Remember however that, as nobody can see you through your own eyes, you’re the most critical person about your appearance. Accepting your look is never easy! But, more often than not, your perception of your appearance is altered by your mental health. If you’re leading a hectic lifestyle, you may not be getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your skin, your metabolism – that includes weight gain – and ultimately your mood. Sometimes, all it takes to make peace with the person in the mirror is to have a good night sleep! You can also encourage yourself to notice the positive side by changing your fashion style, for instance. The way you dress expresses your personality, and can create a flattering image if you know what types of clothes work best for you. Of course, this doesn’t stop you from improving your fitness regime or making healthy transformations in your lifestyle. But at the heart of it, if you want to love your appearance, you need to stage it positively.

You can find help when things get too much
Finding inner peace isn’t always as easy as putting on a new frock and dancing in front of the mirror. Your brain, ultimately, creates a feeling of sadness, anxiety or discouragement through the release of hormones. Sometimes, it’s fair to say that a simple change of clothes isn’t enough to rewire the brain. However, you can consult a specialist who can help you to identify the problem. You could, for instance, buy tianeptine sodium as a temporary solution to address feelings of depression and stress. There’s one important rule to remember when it comes to helping your brain to manage the production of hormones – and kick starts the production of happy hormones such as serotonin –; it’s not a decision you should take alone. You need medical assistance to ensure that you can make the best choice for your specific situation. Additionally, a doctor might also suggest therapy or counseling to help you go through a traumatic roadblock.

Did you know that feeling blue could be a symptom?
During a medical examination, an expert will be testing a variety of possibilities. Indeed, while your inner turmoil might be an emotional response that has gone out of hand, it could also be a symptom of a medical condition. For instance, nutritional deficiencies have been linked to feelings of depression. Someone who doesn’t consume enough omega-3 fatty acid – which you can find in fish and flaxseeds – could experience mood swings as a result. Lack of magnesium can cause high stress levels, leaving you emotionally exhausted. Additionally, certain medications have been known to trigger depression disorders. Medications to treat acne troubles, for example, can dramatically affect your mood.

Do you recognize your identity in the mirror?
In recent years, the discussion about identity has explored new directions. Many teens don’t identify with a traditional gender label, for instance, which can affect their perception of self. If you find it difficult to identify with the person in the mirror, it might be that the image you see isn’t the image you feel inside. Are you trapped in a body that doesn’t represent who you are? Or maybe the choices you’ve made in the past don’t align with the person you want to be, whether these are professional, relational, etc. There is no way around. You need to let your true self come to light.

Freeing yourself from the shackles of a harmful relationship
Some people are toxic. Just like poison, they can harm you and affect your health. Indeed, negative associations can lead to the development of depression, anxiety, stress, and even heart problems. You need to identify how certain persons make you feel. If you feel drained or emotionally unsafe with them, you’re very likely stuck in a toxic relationship. Don’t let their poisonous behavior build further turmoil in your life. You have to let go of them.

Finding what makes you happy
Last, but not least, are you doing everything you can do to be happy? Too many people feel stuck in a life that isn’t fulfilling because they haven’t achieved a balance between the things they love to do and the things they have to do. Explore new hobbies, new skills and uncover what brings you happiness and meaning.

In conclusion, finding inner peace is a long journey during which you will learn a lot about yourself. Taking one step at a time, you can scratch the edges of your true self and support your transformation through professional assistance. The mind is a complex machine. Whether you need medication, talk or a change of behavior, peace awaits you at the end.

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