Summer Is Coming, Get Ready With These Trends

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Ahhhh summer. The long evenings, the crisp cool water, and the perfect excuse to pack away the Uggs and soft cardigans and get the floaty frocks and sunnies out. But, trends chance from summer to summer, in fact, they change by the season. So it might just be time for a bit of an update. Now, with everyone doing capsule wardrobes, and no buy months it can be really hard to update on a budget - or with just one or two items. Well, here are the trends for the coming summer to help you decide what to invest your cash in.
Animal Print

Animal print is big, bold and beautiful - fo long as it’s not the real deal. You can go all out with a dress, paired with some flat nude pumps and a crossbody or a flawlessly fitted suit. If you don’t love going too bold but love to stay on trend, then leopard print Chelsea boots teamed with black jeans and a white tee is super slick.

If you want to show your wild side but don’t feel like you can pull off the look, then opt for small items like bags and jewelry. 

Love Lavender
Fashionistas will know that in 2018 the Pantone color of the year was UltraViolet, and that saw a big shakeup in the colors people were wearing. Lavender is making a big splash as we come into the summer months. The soft purple is muted enough to be able to go from casual to work without much effort and is flattering on most skin tones. A soft and sweet layered dressed in this shade will give a chic boho feel and keep you cool as it heats up. Ultra feminine and seriously stylish.

Summer Goth
For some of us, black clothing isn't just for a season; it’s for life. Neo-gothic is the new term you’ll see flying about. The basics are it’s black, black with some more black, and the devil is in the details. A red lip, zip details, biker jackets, and over the knee boots will take any black outfit from basic to extra.

Hippy Shake
Floaty dresses, like the style you can find on Skyhigh raffia wedges, bonus points for brown leather detailing. Druzy jewelry, Bali earrings, and woven bags.

Neutral colors, guaranteed to keep you cool and stylish with pretty much no effort. Throw on some Fleetwood Mac and channel your inner Misty to bring this look to life.

This will be the perfect time to dust off that vintage crochet bag you purchased all those years ago and give them the summer that they (and you) deserve.

As the saying goes, fashion is what you wear, and style is who you are. So mix and match what works for you this summer. From straw hats and cowboy boots to Marilyn Manson circa 90’s vibes, the overall feel from the S/S shows is - you do you, and here are the clothes to do it in.

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  1. Cute post, Ellen!! Good thing I've always loved animal prints....I'm ahead of the game!

  2. animal print is such a great statement piece.


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