7 Casual Spring Outfits

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring is my favorite time of year to put outfits together because there are so many possibilities of layers utilizing warm weather shirts and even cold weather gear.  Today I put together 7 casual Spring outfits to inspire you in your own wardrobe. 

 Outfit #1: Tank + Jacket + Light Skinny Jeans
This is a fun one because you get to utilize your favorite pair of light wash jeans and a comfy jacket.  You can wear a tank top underneath or a spaghetti strap top like I did, and you can even layer a few of your favorite tanks.  
  Outfit #2: Navy + Dark Skinny Jeans + Striped Shoes
Navy is such a great neutral tone and you can always lighten it up with light blue statement jewelry. Then I happened to have a pair of striped shoes ALSO in navy blue.  If you don't have navy in your wardrobe that's okay, you can use black or brown instead. 
  Outfit #3: White Tee + Sheer Kimono + Neutral Flats
This outfit is perfect because it's light and airy but still involves layers.  A simple white tee over medium wash skinnies keeps the base of the outfit neutral.  You can add any color or pattern kimono over top and finish the look with neutral flats.  I even added a crystal necklace. 
  Outfit #4: Dark Skinny Jeans + Pink + Nude
This is a big one for me because whenever I wear a bright pink top like this simple short sleeved tee, I never know what color shoes to wear.  My best advice is keep it neutral.  A nude shade of flats finished the look perfectly.  I added a white spiky necklace to give a little dimension to the outfit. 
  Outfit #5: Stripes + Dark Skinny Jeans 
Black and white stripes are a great way to top off a simple look.  Some jeans with a few holes and plain black flats get some fun with a pop of black and white stripes from the quarter length sleeve shirt.  I added a white watch to contrast the black flats. 
 Outfit #6: Plain Tunic + Boots + Neutral Patterned Leggings 
For days when it's still a bit chilly in the Spring, a tunic top in a solid color over top a black and white neutral patterned pair of leggings does just the trick.  Booties or boots in black are the PERFECT way to finish the look.   
 Outfit #7: Dark Skinny Jeans + Neutral Pattern Flats + Floral 
So I really had some fun here.  Leopard print looks GREAT with floral when you do it right.  By using a light floral tee over a dark pair of skinny jeans, I can add some more neutral pattern to the outfit with leopard print flats.  I even threw in a green statement necklace to coordinate with the green in the shirt. 

Is this motivating you to put some new outfit combinations together? Which look is your favorite?

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  1. I can totally see myself wearing all of these outfit.



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