Why You Aren't Beach Ready, Even With Your Bikini Body

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

When it comes to summer, you can’t beat a swimsuit or bikini. As the cold months come to an end, the chances are that you’re busting to get out to the beach for days of sunbathing in outfits like these. It doesn’t get better for staying cool in the summer heat. The chances are that you’ve even been cutting back on carbs so you can get your body out without worry.

But, you don’t need us to tell you that looking good in a bikini isn’t as easy as losing a little weight. While the focus always seems to be on bikini bodies, it’s possible not to look your best in one of these, no matter how trimmed you are. If this is the situation you’re facing at the moment, you might be at the end of your tether. You’re as happy as you can be with your body itself, after all, yet you still cringe every time you put that swimsuit on.

You wouldn’t be alone. Many of us feel self-conscious when we strip down like this, and it isn’t just our thunder thighs which do it. There are a whole load of reasons which could be holding back your summer look, and we’re going to look at what they might be.

You’re wearing the wrong swimsuits
It may be that you’re wearing an unflattering swimsuit or bikini for your body shape. When it comes to things like dresses, we all know what works for us and what doesn’t. But, when it comes to our swimming choices, we’re far more liable to pick up the first half-decent option we see. And, that’s often our downfall. Just as the wrong shape dress will never look flattering on you, neither will the wrong choice here. Instead of settling, then, consider your swimsuit as you do anything else in your wardrobe. Research which designs are most flattering for your body type, and always try it on before buying. Through this method, you can land yourself with choices which always hit the mark, no matter what. You may even find that switching from a bikini to a full swimsuit could serve your needs. As easy as that, you’ll be the hottest thing on the beach.

You’re too self-conscious
Even something as simple as feeling self-conscious can undo the benefits of your bikini body. That’s because your body language changes no end when you aren’t feeling confident. If you know you look good, you’ll hold your body well and keep your head up high. In turn, that can ensure that you look the part. But, if you’re scrunched into a ball and not making eye contact with anyone, even the best suit can’t help you look good. To combat this, get into the habit of wearing your swimsuit in front of the mirror now. You don’t need to do this often, but slipping into now and again and looking at yourself can be a huge help. Do this with a kind eye, and you should soon see how good you look. Then, you’ll be much more confident in that skimpy gear when the summer does roll around.

You’ve got too much to hide
You’re lucky in that you don’t have any fat to hide, but that doesn’t mean swimsuits are all going to be easy wearing from now on. Even people with the best bikini bodies can still have plenty to hide. As well as damaging confidence, this could see you trying to cover yourself with wraps and towels. And, that’s never going to leave you looking your best. To make sure it doesn’t happen, consider ways to address those hidden bits. If you’re trying to cover up a tacky tattoo, for example, think about new ways to work around the issue. It could be that the right foundation can cover up the parts you don’t like. Or, you may want to go all out with tattoo removal which sees you loving your body again. You should be able to take similar routes for any moles or birthmarks which keep holding you back. Perhaps the issue is that you’ve got hair in places that you don’t want anyone to see. Booking up for a bikini wax or hair removal session should tide you over well into the coming warmer months.

Just like that, you’ll be able to strip down without so much as needing a shawl to hand. That way, you can get it all out and attract attention like all the other girls.

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