Tiny Lifestyle Tweaks to Save You Money

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

When your budget gets tight you may be looking for ways to cut your spending. Often people look for big savings and fail to find them. You can be better off finding several little ones, as they generally will not affect your lifestyle so much. Every dollar you save each week turns into $365 over the year. Save $10 a week and you will be $3650 better off.

Be A Smart Shopper
When you do your food shopping, opt for the supermarket’s own brands. They are often made and packaged by the big named manufacturers but will cost a lot less than the branded products.
You can also shave quite off a lot off your weekly bill if you reduce the amount of meat you buy or choose cheaper cuts. The pieces of meat that cost less money are usually fine as long as you cook them slower and for a little longer. If now though, you have meat 5 times a week, reduce that to 3 and you will be surprised how much you save.

Processed foods can be convenient, but they also cost more and do not have as many nutrients in them. Buy fresh foods instead and your shopping bill will drop and you will healthier.

Give Up Smoking
Smoking is a costly habit that is an addiction that not everyone can stop. If you are a smoker and want to reduce the amount you spend, try vaping until you are able to crack the case and give up completely. There are many ex-smokers who have changed to vaping and will tell you it id the best thing they could have done. Apart from the money they are saving, they feel better for it.

Unlike cigarettes, you have lots of different flavors to choose from and cheap eliquid is available online. You also benefit from the fact that it is much healthier for you too.

Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water
Most people do not realize that washing detergents work just as well in cold water. They use the warm washes on their machines when a cold wash is cheaper. On average you can save 49 cents a load. That might not sound a lot but just think how many times you use your washing machine each week and you will soon see how quickly it mounts up.

Cold-water washes are also better for the colors in your clothes. They will not fade so quickly when they are washed this way.

Reduce Your Energy Bills
There are two very simple ways to reduce your energy bills and most family members will not even notice. Start by dropping your heating thermostat by just one degree. If no one complains about it, drop another and save even more.

However, the biggest energy saving is by turning things off at night. When computers, TV’s and similar things are left in standby they still use power. In fact, it costs you nearly $1 a week to leave each item not properly turned off. Add up any many electrical items are left like this in your home and you may be surprised how much you could save over a year.

These are just some little ways of saving money, you just have to look at your lifestyle to see if you can find any more.

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  1. Thank you Ellen, I needed this today!! My daughter moved out and I turned off the dish to her tv....saves a whopping $7 a month, but that's $84 a year....do a few other things like that and every bit helps, right? I'm going to see if I can get my grocery bill down even lower now that she's gone!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips.



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