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Monday, March 11, 2019

FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
You may remember when I got married and planned and organized everything myself, all for $2,500 making it a very budget friendly wedding

But I couldn't have done that without being super organized and having a process the entire way.  So I wanted to help those of you out there planning your own weddings by offering a FREE Printable Wedding Planner! 

FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
The planning section contains worksheets to help you compare rates and benefits of different vendors for all the different parts of your special day like music, photography, and flowers.  You can keep contact information, contact notes, pricing, and write down what each vendor offers you before making your final choice. 

There's also a schedule for the big day to keep things moving along smoothly and even a menu planner so you can decide what you want to offer your guests.  

Of course no wedding planning experience is complete without a budget and a way to plan out and play around with ideas for theme and decor. 
FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
The planning section contains:
Wedding Venue Worksheet
Wedding Flower Worksheet
Wedding Coordinator Worksheet
Wedding Caterer Worksheet
Photographer Worksheet
Wedding DJ Worksheet
Wedding Theme Planner
Wedding Budget
Wedding Decor Worksheet
Wedding Menu
Wedding Day Schedule
FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
The List section contains several lists to keep track of what you want played by your DJ, the gifts you receive and when/whom you sent thank you notes to, and even guest lists for the bridal shower as well as a way to track the gifts. 

The wedding timeline worksheet has everything you need to do BEFORE your big day and the estimated time frame in which you should do it.  And of course nothing is complete without a master to do list for anything and everything so it's all in one place. 

The List Section includes: 
Wedding Gift & Thank You Tracker
Song List
Guest List Worksheet
Bridal Shower Guest List
Master To Do List
Wedding Timeline
Bridal Shower Gift & Thank You Tracker

FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
The Dates & Contacts section is imperative for making sure nothing goes wrong leading up to your big day.  You will have the dates of every wedding related event include cake tastings, bridesmaid dress fittings, rehearsal, and more.  The Contacts sheet has the way for you to get a hold of your wedding guests and of course your vendors for all of the parts of your wedding will be kept on this master list so if you need to get a hold of the DJ in a pinch, just refer to your Wedding Contacts Sheet. 

The Dates & Contacts Section includes: Wedding Contacts Sheet
Wedding Guest Contact Information
Important Wedding Dates Tracker

FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner
So are you ready to get organized and start planning your wedding? 

FREE PRINTABLE Wedding Planner

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