10 Ways My Life is Better with Jabra Extreme2

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Last month at the iRetreat Conference, I got the chance to connect with Jabra, a brand that offers headset and speaker solutions around the globe.  Their products offer convenience, style, and comfort and after taking a look at what they have to offer I was extremely impressed.   Each attendee of the conference was gifted a Jabra Extreme2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset.  I am IN LOVE. 

1. I can actually hear the person on the other end of a call.// Yep, no more straining to hear and plugging my other ear up.  It's super clear when I listen to the person talking and the sound quality is impressive.

2. Voice Control makes everything safer.//  I can cross the street and drive a car without looking at my phone to make a call.   This not only is safer and legal but it's a huge convenience and it makes you feel pretty cool giving a voice command to a little device!

3. My ears don't get sore.// Finally, something that doesn't cut and press on the inside of my ear to the point where it throbs all day.  It fits perfectly and is so lightweight and comfortable. The Ultimate Comfort Eargels are available in different sizes too!

4. It's got an impressive battery life.// The Jabra Extreme2 has up to 5.5 hours of talk time and 10.5 days of standby time!  That's pretty amazing especially for people like me who are always on the go and can't be charging all their devices every 2 hours!

5. The size is perfect.// It's not too tiny or too large.  It isn't awkward when I wear my hair down or up.  And it doesn't make me look funny.  I was worried it would get in the way but the size of the Jabra Extreme2 is literally perfect.

6. I can access GPS capabailities.// Yep, that's right I can get GPS directions streamed through the Jabra Extreme2.  I used this the other day to find a business in the city

7. No Wires.// At all, seriously.  There are NO wires.

8. I can stream music and podcasts on the go.// How amazing is that?   I can be getting things done at home and in the yard and stream music from my iPhone.   It makes everyday tasks much more enjoyable.   

9. It works with my iPad.//  Yup, what a gem.  

10. It comes with a car charger. // One less thing I have to go out and buy now!

I highly recommend this little device to...well...everyone!   

Look for more posts about my experience with Jabra in the future as well!

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