3 Ways a Pedometer Makes My Running Easier

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Since I've been running on a very regular basis I realized before I finally got a pedometer how much I was off my game.   So I put together a quick list of 3 ways that having a pedometer now makes my life easier. 

The pedometer I use is the Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology. It's an amazing little device and I think every runner needs one!

1.  I know how far I run with a quick glance.

I wear this pedometer around my neck and then tuck it into the side of my sports bra.  It's comfortable that way and whenever I want to see how far I've run I just pull it out and get a quick glance.  It's so easy to see because LCD screen is bright and clear. The slim size is perfect for me.

2. It's easy to switch betwen total and today.

Sometimes all I want to say is the current day or hours progress and the basic button and the easy to follow instructions taught me real fast how I can check that.  The split, today, and total modes are definitely my favorite features.

3. Accuracy is on point.

I am very impressed with the accuracy of this little device.  It counts up to a million steps and even has a 7-day memory.  I love the built-in clock, calendar, and sports timer.   And the fact that it goes to sleep automatically is a miracle because I know I won't waste the battery. 

This Pedometer has made my life so much easier and I can prepare even better now for my 5K in August!

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