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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Getting healthy and in shape is literally like a full time job.   For me, in order to balance out my entire life AND my health and fitness, I must invest in quality products along the way.  I have 3 AMAZING products to tell you about to day that I'm using during my road to better health and fitness in order to do my first 5K at the end of Summer.   I am so proud to report that Neocell has teamed up with me to help me out AND to offer you guys a great giveaway!

The first product is Keratin Hair Volumizer. I take 2 of these twice a day.  This supplement is an all-natural solution for stronger, thicker, healthier hair.  Dry and brittle hair can be cause by a lack of nutrients so Keratin Hair Volumizer contains ingredients that enhance the strength of your hair and reduce hair loss.   I have to say, since I've been working out daily I've been washing my hair a lot more often than normal and I'm always worried it'll dry out so these supplements really give me peace of mind.   They are easy to swallow, have no funny aftertaste and I've had no bad reaction to them.  In fact, within a few weeks I noticed I have stronger hair and less breakage. 

This is thanks to the Cyantine HNS that binds Keratin with my natural hair. My hair is so much shinier too! It also contains Hydrolyzed Super Collagen which helps promote proper structure and health of hair, skin, and nails so I've definitely been pleased to have stronger nails and less breakage.

Now, let me get to Collagen Beauty Builder. WOW!  So impressive.  I take 3 of these twice daily.

This supplement is designed to give you youthfull and radiant skin.  It's all natural and helps fight typical signs of aging like thinning hair, brittle nails, and loss of skin elasticity.  It builds collagen back up to healthier levels and begins rebuilding your skin.  I can tell a major difference in the past few weeks that I've been taking this.  My skin is more radiant and feels firmer and softer. 

And in addition to these, I've been regularly taking Neocell Collagen Recovery Vanilla Shakes and I've been seeing great results so far! It helps by providing amino acids that replenish the body's collagen supply and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and supports bone and hair health.  Plus, it improved circulation and promotes wound healing and even builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.   I can't believe how much of a kick start I've had from using all 3 of these products.  The shakes are DELICIOUS and perfect after a workout. 

And finally...  

I have a giveaway and a discount code.  You can use the code CIP001 for a $5 to $10 dicount on any iherb product like serums, masques, and beauty mists. 

And as for the giveaway... one winner will get a $50 gift certificate to shop NeoCell!

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  1. Wow, you are akl about the beauty! I have no clue about any of that!

  2. I love the collagen beauty builder!

  3. i would love the collagen sport. I am a weight lifter at the gym at least 5 times a week. i also take whey and this product looks like something i would love to try out to see what results i would get from it.

  4. My favorite is the POMEGRANATE FROM THE SEED for the antioxidants.

  5. I love the COLLAGEN +C - 6,000MG - 250 TABLETS!

    commonsenseandstilettos (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. I plan on buying more supplements as soon as i get down to a week supply. If you are looking for a good supplement that increases your overall well being, I would recommend these.


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